Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anything but Left....

I have to confess. If you know me well, then you know that I am not an "ambiturner" when I drive. If you want to give me an anxiety attack, make me turn left at a major intersection without a lead green light. I HATE IT. I will purposefully go out of my way to have all right turns when traffic is bad. I will go to a grocery store that I HATE, just because it is on the right hand side of the road on my way home. I have a problem.

Well, it is because of this "issue" that my sweet potato oat bars last night did not come out right. I went to Sweetbay, instead of Publix, and they did not have most of the ingredients that I needed. I was so frustrated.... Not because I desperately wanted to go home and cook, but because I wanted to make this recipe for my class that I teach on Thursdays. They are all doing such a great job adding exercise to their lifestyles and cleaning up their diets. The bars came out too moist; I think it is because I used pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes.... I will post pics and the recipe tonight. I did, however, conquer dinner!!!

Grilled chicken breast and vegetables. I cut the chicken breasts into proper portions (PALM sized).... which was good because they cooked quicker. Both the chicken and veggies were tossed in olive oil, white and black pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper, and this other spice called "kick'n chicken." It started raining though, so I had to finish the chicken on the George Foreman grill. Speaking of portion sizes, here is a little guide that I found in Tosa Reno's book.

From Tosa Reno's Eat Clean Diet Recharged
The weather here in the "sunshine state" is gloomy. There was a crazy display of a lightning show on my way to work this morning. I have not gone on a run since Sunday. I hope to get something in tonight.... AND work on homework. This is one of those weeks. Have a great "sunny" day!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eating "Clean"

One of the hardest parts about eating clean for me is the PLANNING behind it. This book by Tosca Reno, The Eat Clean Diet, RECHARGED is great. I love the grocery list and the meal plan in the back of the book. Remember what I said in my interview with Courtney a few weeks ago about how I need someone to give me a grocery list that coincides with multiple recipes? SHE DOES! There is a recipe in this book that I am going to try tonight and bring to my weight loss class that I teach tomorrow. I will post the recipe if it is good.

Clay and I have a BARE pantry and refrigerator right now. We are going out of town next week (whoop whoop!!!) so there is little motivation to restock. However, I plan on hitting the produce section on my way home tonight because I am craving GRILLED VEGGIES. Clay does a great job grilling anything.... a trait that I am oh, so thankful for.

So, because we are low on food, I pulled a can of tuna and a chocolate protein bar that I made. Also, at work, I keep oats and peanut butter in my desk... always. Target (*sigh* best place every) has almond butter now that is really reasonable so I have that in my desk right now instead of PB.

Anyways, just thought I would share. Off to work. Happy Wednesday!!!

Question: What are you STAPLE snacks that you try to always have on hand?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Health Hint... Follow Someone

Whenever I talk to someone about how to get started with an exercise routine, running plan, or lifestyle change, I always tell them this... FOLLOW SOMEONE. Pick a magazine. Read a blog. Get updates from a leading health care company. Technology allows you to know get instant feed on your Facebook page. You can get updates on Twitter when people blog *hint.* Here are a few of mine. =) I had to.

When you are submersed  in something, you are constantly learning. In nursing school, we had clinicals. My sister is in the education program at USF and she has to practice out in the field. Get out there. Read something. Question something and figure out why it works that way.... or why you do not think it does. THAT my friends, is the best way to learn.

Sleep and Lack of It

I was supposed to get up this morning and workout with Wendy... She is my reliable "yes, Bethany, I will meet you at 5:00am" workout buddy. Unfortunately, I was so wound up last night that it took me a while to fall asleep. I have a rule about morning workouts: If I have a headache when my alarm goes off, go back to sleep.

I learned this the hard way. In highschool, I would pull all nighters all the time. In college, I would stay up late, get up super early, and then drink a ton of caffeine to compensate for my exhaustion. As I have learned and studied more about preventative medicine, I have learned the importance of sleep. Not only does it keep me from snapping at my husband, but it strengthens my immune system. Think about it, your cells get repaired at night time. If you do not allow yourself to sleep, your cells are not fully repairing.

More Benefits:
  • When you feel worn down, your immune system is compromised. There are links between colds/flu and lack of sleep. Wash your hands and get some shut eye!!!
  • When you are sleep deprived, your body is in a state of inflammation... just like hypertension. When you add the caffeine that we drink to keep ourselves awake, we are really putting our cardiovascular system under a lot of pressure.... no pun intended. I am such a cheese ball.
  • One of the reasons people develop diabetes type two is because their body becomes resistant to insulin.... In other words, it takes more work to regulate their blood sugar. When we are sleep deprived, our bodies go into a temporary state of insulin resistance. Proper sleep and weight training are GREAT tools to increase our body's sensitivity to insulin (meaning, it makes our blood sugar regulation process more EFFICIENT).
  • People who are sleep deprived have the same driving skills as someone who is drunk... This explains a lot. Please, get your sleep.... for the sake of everyone on the road.
  • There are also links between obesity and lack of sleep. No one knows for sure why this is, but there is evidence that it is a hormone thing.... great, don't you love it when the doctor blames it on "hormones." Apparently, we have a reduced amount of leptin (controls hunger and keeps that beast of an appetite at bay) in our bodies when we are sleep deprived. People also tend to mindlessly eat in front of the TV at night. If you get to bed early, you skip the munchies!!!
So, all that to say, get some ZZZZZZs. That may mean you do not watch your favorite TV show, or you skip that afternoon cup of JO. I wrote this for myself as well. I think I needed the reminder. Have a great day. I am going to go get a cup of coffee water =)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Room = Gym

the sunshine state

After a day like today, the last thing I want to do is hit the gym or go for a run. It rained ALL day. Thankfully, my little corner office has NO window, so the only reason I knew it was nasty outside was because during my lunch break I caught up with all the "breaking news" happening on my Facebook feed that had to do with the rainy weather.

I worked a 13 hour day, which I used to do all the time when I was working in ICU... but that was just three days a week. Try doing THAT and then going to work for four more days..... crazy, but I love it (and, I have a hair appointment on Friday afternoon that I am very much looking forward to).

Anyways, I got home from work, made myself a grilled cheese sandwich (wheat bread) and some dessert (home made chocolate protein bar).... but, I could not resist one BIG bite of Clay's yellow cake with chocolate frosting =) YUM. I actually do not like cake that much. The best part of the cake, unless it is wedding cake, is the icing..... HANDS DOWN.

Then, I registered for my summer grad school classes and convinced myself to try another home workout from BodyRockTV. Here is the breakdown:

  • 4) SIDE CRUNCH15 reps on each side
  • 5) SANDBAG SWING15 reps on each arm
  • 6) PULL UPS30 reps
  • 7) 1-2-3 UP ONE LEG HALF SQUAT15 reps on each leg
  • 9) 3 LOW JACKS & JUMP UP30 reps

The goal of this workout was to try to beat your time... I guess she does this on a regular basis. My goal was to survive, so I did not even keep track. It just felt good to get my heart rate up and do some strength and core training. Visit her site for a video breakdown of each move. Very challenging. I most definitely used a chair to assist me in the 30 pull ups. I can only do 5 on my own. I am trying to increase my strength by just using body weight. Clay, on the other hand, has other plans.....
I love this man =)

No More Diets... It is about BEHAVIOR change.

(gotta love Julia!)
 Part of my job at work involves helping employees lose weight, decrease blood pressure, manage blood sugar, and cope with stress in the work place. Predictably, most people come to my office because they want to lose weight. Some have put a lot of weight on recently due to hormones, major stress at home, or unknown reasons. Some have been overweight for a long time and are looking to lose weight. My coworker and I had 800 people sign up for our incentive challenge in January. We decided not to do a "Biggest Loser" format because people tend to just gain the weight back. There are so many people looking for a fast fix and that is not what we wanted to encourage. **** Now, I do have to say that there are some people that may need the "fast fix" by visiting a weight loss doctor to kick start their life change especially if they have a lot of weight to lose. HOWEVER, if this fast weight loss is not accompanied with behavior coaching and life change, then that person may gain the weight back and suffer with depression and anxiety about the "regained" weight.

In the challenge, we encouraged individuals to increase water intake, get two fruits and three veggies a day, take stairs over elevators when able, and have an attitude of gratidude every day. This resulted in an average weight loss of 8lbs per person... in six weeks. We were pumped. Psychologically, if you tell me that in my diet I am NOT allowed to eat peanut butter, what do you think I am going to crave more than anything. If I tell you that you can NOT eat CARBS, what do you think you are going to want? Instead, if you are encouraged to look at food as fuel and reward yourself for making good decision.

(portion control tip: TUPPERWARE)

One lady at work used to drink 4-5 sweet teas a day. I encouraged her to drink ONE a day and replace the rest with water.... SHE LOST 5 LBS in a week and a half. Not to mention, her blood sugar was probably within a much better range. Every Monday, I am going to try to present a new "behavior" change for individuals to work on. We can always improve. I believe that 100%. I am never going to be "perfect" at anything... My walk with God, my relationship with Clay, my health/wellness.... NEVER. Someone told me recently that she wakes up every morning and thinks to herself, "How can I be a better 'ME' than I was yesterday?" How true! Be "better" today than you were yesterday (nicer, eat better, more productive, less agitated, a better spouse.....etc.).  So that is your goal for this week: DRINK MORE WATER today than you did yesterday. Do not focus on "not" drinking coke, or "not" drinking sweet tea. If you focus on drinking MORE water, you will not have as much room for those other poisons drinks. 

(Pick healthy snacks!!!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nursing School..... Anyone?

Lately, I have run into so many people that are trying to get into nursing school. The direction that healthcare is going AND the fact that we need more nurses, makes the career choice very promising and safe... job security. However, nursing schools are really competitive. I have heard multiple reasons, but from my experience, it takes a lot of time to train someone and there are not enough professors and clinical faculty out there to train everyone who wants to be a nurse. Also, because the career is so popular right now. there are TONS of people trying to all apply right NOW. Hospitals need to have room to have schools bring their students in. You cannot flood a unit with nursing school students and overwhelm the nursing staff caring for patients that day.

How in the world did I end up in nursing school? To be honest, I knew I wanted to go into healthcare, but I did not know what I wanted to do. I KNEW I did not want to be a doctor. I was an exercise science major, a pre-med major, a physical therapy major, athletic training major, AND I took finance, ballet, swimming, weight lifting, accounting, architecture 101, and physics..... Did I mention I have a minor in physics? I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. Serve God. Get married. Have babies.... That is what good, Christian women do, right?

I applied to nursing school because I figured, I only needed one more class to get in, and it was health/medical. I also liked the idea of being a nurse practitioner because I saw one at CVS one time..... yeah, really well thought out, right? I also wanted a job that I could feel like I was really helping people..... SCORE.

I attended the University of South Florida all 5.5 years of my bachelor degree experience =) I LOVED IT. Nursing school however, sucked. Do not get me wrong. I loved what I was learning, but it was HAAAAARRRRD. I was not expecting it to be that hard, so I think that is what my problem was. Not only were the subjects hard, but the GIRLS WERE CRAAAZZZZYYYYY. Seriously, that many women in one class room is dangerous. People would freak out about test scores. Girls would argue with the teachers about why they thought an answer should have been right on their test (you know, in their professional opinion). After tests, I would RUN to my car to get away from the anxiety that was suffocating the LIFE out of me. I had to quit my job and move back home because I could not work enough hours to live on my own....only thirty minutes from my parents' house. However, I was determined to still have a life. I trained and ran a marathon. I got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married. I was involved in my church. I slept at least 6 hrs a night.... Unless there was a test the next day. I am certainly not superwoman....and there were girls that got better grades than I did....AND could recite the entire text book. But I ended up doing well and LOVING my education.

My main two points are this: If you want to get into nursing school, you have to keep your grades up because it is competitive. You may not be able to have extra spending money for that pair of shoes. You may be the only one of your friends that actually has to study....BUT DO IT. Make that harder choice and study your butt off. However, if you just want a job, and you are not ready to wipe bodily fluids from unspeakable places, please change your major and make room for someone who really wants in. This is the type of job that people will be able to tell if you are passionate about it or not. Your patients will go home and talk about their GREAT nurse, or their AWFUL nurse. Not very many people remember their physicians in the hospital.... but they remember their nurse.

Warning: When you become a nurse, you over analyze everything. For example, when I was running yesterday, my friend and I were talking about whether or not we were forming collateral circulation while we were running. I worry when Clay drinks liquid diabetes Coke. I cringe when someone coughs without covering their mouth when they cough.......

Any nurses out there have anything to share to people wanting to go to nursing school?

A night out with the FAM

(I covered my mom's face on purpose in the bottom pic because she did not like that pic of her and I did not have her permission to post it... LOVE YA MOM)

Last night we trucked over to Tarpon Springs in my parents' suburban with our good friend Abram. I love this Tarpon Springs. The community is mostly Greek and the food is ahhhhhhmazing. My parents found this little hole in the wall grill called "Miss Vicki's" that is tucked behind a yacht club/storage center...marina....I obviously do not have a yacht because I do not know what it is called =)

Anyways, we sat around, ate boiled peanuts, and watched the sunset. I was starving from yesterday's run (remember, I eat like a man when I run) so I ate all of my Greek Salad (authentic too.... feta, romaine, tomatoes, olives, home-made potato salad, and not a lot of dressing....yum!) and a few bites of Clay's turkey sandwich.... pressed in REAL Cuban bread. Afterwards we ended up back at my parents' house, drinking coffee, eating dessert, and watching House Hunters on HGTV =)

I felt really good after my run yesterday. I think the CEP Compression socks really helped my legs feel lighter... You know that feeling after a long ruin when your legs just feel like cinder blocks are under your feet??? Today after church I plan to catch up on laundry and go run at least three miles. My legs feel tight and need to be loosened up. Have a good day!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oak pollen,10 mile run, and STARBUCKS

I always enjoy spring time because the weather is getting warmer, the days become longer, and the beach is so beautiful here in Florida. Thankfully, the humidity is under control as well. However, this time of year does not come without a price. If you have allergies, then you understand. I HATE OAK POLLEN. It coats my car, gets caught on Ernest's paws.... so it ends up coating my floor, and it makes my runs quite difficult. This year, we had an extremely cold November and December. Apparently, this made the oak trees pollinate EARLY and MULTIPLE TIMES. In our neighborhood, there are oak tress everywhere.
(TONS of oak sperm... yes, that is what it is)

A few weeks ago, I tried to go for an afternoon run in my inlaws' neighborhood. I love running in there!!! However, it was in the afternoon so many people were outside working on their yards.... SOME GUY WAS BLOWING OFF HIS DRIVEWAY AND I GOT COATED IN OAK POLLEN. I have never had asthma, and I was a very healthy kid, so I have never "wheezed" before. I used to listen to Clay's lungs with my stethoscope when he would wheeze. I would try to identify rhonchi, crackles, stridor, rales,or wheezing lung sounds in my patients, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN THE ONE WHEEZING. Anyways, so I have started taking Nasonex (nasal spray... it is a steroid) once a day, Zyrtec once a day (if I remember), and Benadryl (only after an afternoon run). I have found that if I run in the morning, the dew keeps the pollen somewhat pasted to the ground and I do not wheeze. I also try to always take a handkerchief with me.... There is nothing worse than having the sniffles and trying to breathe right while you are running.... no good.

This morning's long run was divided into two parts. I ran 5.7 miles on my own, at a 7:30-8:00 pace, and then the second part I ran 4.3 miles with my dear friend Stephanie =) We had a great time catching up. She just got engaged!!! I am so excited. Her fiance is amazing... and has an Australian accent =) After my 5.7 miles I ate half of the GU Chomps pack. I felt pretty depleated. After the run, I ate the rest (first I offered Stephanie some though, but they were warm from being in my sports bra, and for some reason, she said no.....) *classy*
We went to Starbucks afterwards and enjoyed a cup of JO. Steph used to work at Starbucks and ordered this drink that somehow, only costs $2.00, but had a TON of stuff in it. She knows her coffee. The barista tried to tell her that her drink is technically a "bla bla bla bla." Steph and I had a little chuckle about that... she is pro. He must be a rookie. I enjoyed my non-fat, grande, misto.... YUM, and a venti water.
I am off to enjoy a day with no homework. In gradschool, there seems to always be homework I COULD be doing. However, the greatest part about midterms is the weekend after... Nothing due for a few weeks. I have not had a lazy Saturday in while. I may go to the pool and lay out, but until this.... This is all I am doing.
I bought the Holiday (Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law) for $5 yesterday at the fabulous TARGET... seriously, love that place. I watched this movie like once a week when I was living with Courtney, Katherine, and Caitlin in college, so it brings back good memories =) So I will be kicking back and enjoying a chick flick while Claybo is out fishing with his buddy Kyle.

What are you doing today????

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brain Dead

(Post from yesterday)
I really took college for granted. I used to work 20hrs a week, take classes, go to Bible studies, and still have time for friends.... until nursing school started. Now, I. Work 40+ hrs a week (minimum), go to grad school, manage a household, and attempt to keep a normal running/workout schedule. My brain is fried today! Wednesday's test drained me, but I'm finished now and off to play nine holes of golf with my husband and a few friends.

(I "edited" my work logo off my shirt... that is not a big blob on my shirt)

I took lessons a few months ago with a friend of mine from work.... because we decided to enter the annual golf tournament that our HR departments hosts. I also decided to learn how to play because I wanted to play with my husband...... what can I say, he is the best!

I have not been able to run that much this week. Work and school has been pretty busy. When my weeks are like this, I work out pretty hard on Saturday and Sunday. Not only does it mentally relax me from my crazy week, but I also still get my milage in for the week.

What are you running this weekend????

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Test Day

I woke up this morning at 3:00am..... yes, you read that right. Clay got up too and had a cup of coffee with me... I also found this note by the computer:
I only wake up this early if I have homework. I have never been very disciplined about doing homework late at night, so I choose to wake up early. Programmable coffee pot = a must! I Have a test tonight, but I also have a job, so I needed to study this morning so I can take it tonight without wigging out.

I went for a solid, comfortable 3 mile run with my neighbor Courtney last night. She is an amazing personal trainer and I think she is awesome! =) My goal is to go for a long run tonight after this test.... However, Clay has a test tonight as well, so we may just end up going out to eat to celebrate being finished!

Check out these blogs today. I am sort of stalking both blogs.... That is what happens when you do not have cable!!!

Have a good day!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running Gear

A few weeks ago, I purchased my first running skirt. I was skeptical. I mean, my legs are not a tennis players legs, and I certainly lack that gazelle stride that some runners are gifted with. However, I am VERY pleased. I bought it at Target... Of course. I think 90% of my wardrobe comes from that place. The C9 brand by Champion has GREAT active wear. Their sports bras are amazing and their pants fit very well. I have a windbreaker that I got as a gift too....
I really like that the shorts underneath are long enough to make it obvious that I am wearing a SKORT. I wore this thing at Shapes first (all female gym)... I did not want it's inaugural run to be shameful!
(Never-mind how dirty this mirror is)

If you have problems with shorts riding up on you, this skirt might help. It is long enough that it covers your legs while you run, but it is made in a way that allows me to take full strides.

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with this short hair while I run.... It is BAAAAAD.

In recent news, my CEP Compression socks arrived today. I am planning on a long run tomorrow night after my Biostatistics midterm (do not be jealous).... SOOOO I am definitely wearing these suckers while I am working on math problems, cooking dinner, and of course, BLOGGING.
The two things that I have learned that my body needs the most while I am training are COOL DOWNS (cycling, power walking, swimming.... for at least 10 minutes) and FOAM ROLLING. I am thinking these CEP Socks might get added to the regimen.

Well, time to hit the books again! Have a good evening.

QUESTION: If you run, what are the most important injury prevention tools you use?


Good morning! Happy Tuesday =)

Last night's workout: 30 minutes elliptical + 3 mile run on the treadmill. I HATE RUNNING ON THE TREADMILL... But, there was a lady next to me who just joined the gym. We had a great conversation and I was able to talk to her about the benefits of exercise and I gave her some pointers. Thankfully, this made the time go by fast.... again, treadmills = torture.

That conversation got me thinking more about blood pressure (and because I have to go into work early this week to run health screenings on employees). I have written about blood pressure before, but I feel like we over look its importance SOOOOO MUCH. Without treatment, your high blood pressure can damage organs in your body, little by little, without you feeling symptomatic.

Aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, cycling, running.....) increases the strength of your heart, making each beat more efficient (so your heart can push more blood out with each beat, which sends MORE oxygen, QUICKER, to your body). This will decrease your heart rate (pulse) and your overall blood pressure.

(my pulse was RACING right before I walked down the aisle... Of course, my heart rate monitor would have been tacky, but I HAD TO CHECK it =)

When you check your blood pressure, make sure you have been resting for at least 15 minutes prior. The best time to check is first thing in the morning and BEFORE caffeine.

Decrease your sodium intake as well. Sodium holds on to unnecessary water in your body. This increases the VOLUME in circulation. THAT makes your heart work harder. Not only sodium, but PRESERVATIVES in your food will also increase your blood pressure; try to eat as CLOSE to "natural" as possible. Rinse your canned beans and veggies before you cook them. Try not to use the salt shaker at dinner. Avoid sodas and OBVIOUSLY..... avoid fast food =)

For more info on the heart and hear disease, see this site.


Well, off to work. I think I pulled something in my neck yesterday, so I feel like I can only look straight ahead. I found some of this in an old race goodie bag.....hmmmmm, hopefully this stuff does not expire.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting Sites

This site allows you to have friends, check your progress, blog, form communities, and share exercises.

This awesome piece of equipment is usually $300.... It is on sale for $178!!!!!

Going out to eat???
Check out the calories first. You may not eat the entire Awesome-Blossom if you know how many grams of saturated fat you will be clogging your arteries with.

(if you are married, hug your hubby/wifey today... I have heard a lot of negativity towards spouses today and I refuse to let it trickle in!!!!)

check out this blog post by my friend's hubby....



This weekend went by way toooooo fast. I feel like I need one of these:

I wish I had as much energy as Ernest, my superpup.... Check out his 6'0" vertical!!!

Off to work. Happy Monday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Save-day

Coupons.... Anyone ever heard of them? I have never taken the time to cut out coupons before, but today is the day I have entered "that girl" stage. I hope I am never in front of you in the grocery store, because I will be "that girl" that slows everyone down so I can use my coupons.
(this is my schnazzzzzy coupon folder)

Courtney and her hubby Shale came over for lunch after church. Court and I made spaghetti with ground turkey and low sodium marinara. The guys grilled fresh veggies that had been marinating in olive oil and yummy seasoning... THANKS COURT!!
(no, that is not my third cup of coffee today.... I swear.....)

Then, we sat and cut coupons!!! I was so excited. I should have taken a picture of my dining room table because it looked like the Sunday paper EXPLODED!!!

Now I am going to vacuum, bake cookies and prep dinner before family comes over tonight. I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!
(I am making a chocolate chip cookie bar...yum!)
(Ernest is scared of the vacuum cleaner....)


Last night Clay and I went over to my parents' house for steak. I am not a big red meat eater, but I Love it when my dad makes it. There ended up being 12 of us!!! My parents invited their friends, Clay and I brought our besties Billy and Ruthy and we sat around, played with chickens, bunnies, and an adorable baby boy!!!

I wore a long, pink shirt with skinny bootcut jeans.... my shoes are flat pointed toe shoes... LOVE THESE. They lengthen my legs BUT I get the benefits of FLATS..... = no pain!

My favorite dish of the night was home-made steak fries. YUMMY! Well, I am off to see if I can get a morning run in before church. Have a great day!!!

Healthy thought: Try to eat THREE veggies today. If we all ate spinach every day (unless you are on coumadin and have vitamin K restrictions) we would never need multi-vitamins... just saying....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I heart Saturdays

I slept in this morning until 7:00am... Sad that I used to consider that "early." I met my mother in law, Terri, at her place at 7:30 and we started our run together. I am so proud of her! She ran 4 miles and rocked it. We both went different directions, ran separately, but met back at her place. I ran 8.5 miles in 67 minutes. My phone died, which has the "run keeper" app on it. I do not have a Garmin watch (yet) so this is my cheap alternative. It is not so bad actually; I can even choose to have a coach during the run. I did this once, but it was embarrassing when I passed a few walkers and my phone started yelling out my distance and speed. Because my phone was useless, I was pretty annoyed that I brought it, because I had to carry it the entire run. My first loop was 4.5 miles, but I ran on too many side walks; I could feel it in my knees.... Thankfully, I was wearing a watch so I knew about how long I had been running. I changed my route for the second loop and ran my 3 mile route (I run in my in-laws' neighborhood a lot). My goal was originally 9, but that may have been too ambitious; this is only week 4 back on the running wagon.
(this was at our friends' Josh and Katie's wedding.... Not today, after the run... I refuse to post a picture of what I look like right now!!! )

Claybo came back into town around lunch time. I am looking forward to spending some time with him this evening. We have been crazy busy lately, so I am hoping for dinner and a movie here at the house. Well, I must get back to some biostatistics homework. The weather is so nice; I am contemplating going outside to tan, but I know I would be thinking about how the more responsible choice is to do homework, and I do not want skin cancer......hmmmm. My mental conscience is crazy intense sometimes.

Back to the books!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Interview.... Blog interview that is!!!

Check out Cooking With Court today!!! I was interviewed for her site. Courtney and I were roomates in college; let me tell you, I ate the BEST food that year. She was always coming up with something. She made brownies from scratch (without looking at a recipe one time) that would make me drool !!!! Seriously, there are pictures of me just eating the batter.... shameful.

This morning I did a "run and puke" workout with Wendy!!!!

Warm up 5 minutes on the treadmill
- 20 push ups
- 20 tricep dips
- 20 squats
RUN 1 minute on the treadmill at full force
- 20 flutter kicks
- 20 lunges
- 20 plank stomps (plank while stomping your feet)
Run 1 minute on the treadmill at full force
- 20 step ups on the bench
- 20 crunches
- 20 plank hand taps (in a plank on your hands, take your right hand and tap your left, take your left hand and tap your right..... keep repeating)

THEN, repeat that whole sequence with 12 reps instead of 20.... FABULOUS.

Last night, while watching American Idol and avoiding my biostatistics book, I did this workout from BodyRockTV.... she is insane, and so was this workout. I downloaded a FREE app for my droid that you can set an interval timer.... stead of purchasing a $20 interval timer..... GO APPS!!!

Anyways, happy FRIDAY everyone =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi...the 3.14 kind....

Yesterday, I ran 3.2 miles in 25 minutes... running in the afternoon is haaaaard on me. The heat, plus my intestines, do not work well together. I cramp and feel awful when I run in the afternoons. Thankfully, most races are in the MORNING.... my magic time =)

New Running Gear: I bought a running skirt from Target.... SERIOUSLY, I love it. Can I be a C9 model please? Their sports bras, tanks, shorts, pants, socks, AND NOW skorts are fabulouso.

(yes, that is a pi symbol in the middle of that pie crust....)

Last night I celebrated 3/14 or Pi Day (3.14.....) with my family. My mom made AMAZING home made blueberry pie AND apple/pear pie. Do not judge. I grew up doing scientific notation (4th grade "show and tell") and watching science fiction films. I may have never seen Rocky films, but I have seen EVERY Star Wars and Star Trek film EVER.

Today I got home and gave my shins a rest. I did an upper body workout of push ups, bicep curls, shoulder press, crunches, side planks and then...... torture. Have you ever heard of BODY ROCK??? Zuzana lives in Prague and records workout videos from her house. MOST of the workouts can be completed in your own living room... which I LOVE. I completed attempted today's workout challenge, but after my push up routine, my wrists were pretty toast. We were supposed to do 60 reps.... I MIGHT have done 42.... MIGHT.

I am hoping to win tomorrow's CEP Compression Socks give away from, but I never win anything like that.... I am not random material apparently. I have already scoped out the sleeves (for over the calves) that I will purchase tomorrow when I get home from work. The more I read about compression socks, the more they make sense. Basically, they help shunt blood back up your leg, and prevent pooling in your legs. We place them on patients' legs while they are bed-bound in the hospital....they prevent venous stasis and blood clots. If you have varicose veins, they will help relieve the pain. If you have shin splints, they provide support and prevent inflammation, micro muscle tears, and vibration trauma. WINNER!!!!

God is so good and gave me the opportunity to read John 1 with my hubby tonight.... In the beginning was the WORD. It never gets old; HE is so much bigger than the worries of this earth.... **Convicted**. Anyways, I have to be AT work tomorrow morning by 6:30am. Good night!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

CEP Compression Socks

Interested in Compression Socks???

Check out
Check out this blog to win some CEP Compression Socks..... However, I hope that my generous spirit here helps me win the RANDOM lotto =) UPDATE: This contest is over...... But check out her site anyways!!!!

CEP Compression Socks Blog

Good Luck !!!!!

UPDATE: These are the ones I ordered and they came in today!!!! 3/22


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grad School

Just an update. Grad school is in FULL SWING. I am training for a marathon and I just do not have time to update this everyday. I would like to share a few things with you: has RE-INSPIRED me to get back on the running wagon. I started a new job last fall, AND I ran in a Ragnar Relay (across Florida), AND I biked across Florida over a weekend. Needless to say, I burned out. Grad school has started and I started to really miss running. After a three month sabbatical, I am back. Here is what I did this week (week 3 of being back on the wagon....or is it "off the wagon"???)

Monday - 3 miles, 23 minutes
Tuesday - elliptical/power walk 30 minutes
Wednesday - sprint/strength straining circuit, 45 minutes
Thursday - rest
Friday - 4 miles (TREADMILL = torture), 32 minutes
Saturday - 7 miles, 58 minutes
Sunday (today) - plyometric workout in my bedroom while my hubby was napping =)

This was a great week. However, I ate CRAP. I am pretty convicted about what we put in our bodies. I am a born again, Bible believing, lover of Jesus Christ, that has VERY STRONG convictions about how we treat our bodies. I am not sure why I am so convicted, or how I got this way, but I just am. I find that when I run, I eat like a FRAT BOY.... pizza, ice cream, (not piss beer) and I gain weight.... even when I am in my longer mileage. I am determined not to do that this time =) My goal is NYC this year... If not, I will do the Spacecoast in November. Tonight is the first night of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME and I am a happy girl. I am going to go curl up with my fabulous hubby. Have a good week!!!!