Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week we had some beautiful weather; today it was hot. I am not sure if the weather was hotter than it was yesterday, but I was driving our NON AIR CONDITIONED car today; consequently, today was much hotter to me! I hear that this weekend should cool down, so I am very excited. I love being able to turn the AC off. I love driving with the windows down. I love smelling cinnamon and spice. I love holidays. I love family-get-togethers. I love my birthday; it is the official start to the holiday season (don't judge... everyone loves their birthday). However, right now, I am studying for midterms and sweating... FALL, PLEASE HURRY!!!!

My new item to discuss right now is my new desire to talk about birth/pregnancy. Let me clear up any over-zealous "you must procreate as soon as you get married and I will always ask you when you are having kids" type of people out there. I do not want kids right now. God, please help Ortho Tri-Cyclen work another 4 years... I am in my Labor and Delivery rotation right now and I absolutely LOVE it. If anyone would like to share a fun pregnancy/labor/delivery/post-partum story... Please do. I have decided not to talk about things with my husband anymore because it began to freak him out. However, I'd love to hear about your stories/thoughts.

Also, I started my internship this past week. My nurse made me get there 45 minutes early so I could look at all the blood labs and interpret them. Well, of course I get there with all my notes and analyzed all the labs; she got there, looked at them, and then we got to work. I thought she was going to drill me with questions. However, I was prepared later on in the day when the DOCTOR asked me a question. Yes, over-achieving does pay off (sometimes... except, I think I will be getting gray hair earlier in life than most).

Finally, I have a theory. This nation is one of the leading nations in PRETERM births. We look pathetic against other developed countries. We are close to third world rates. My theory on this is as follows: American women are getting intoxicated with work/business/"keeping up with the Jones.'" CHILL OUT!!! There comes a time when you need to lie down and take it easy. Stress is a huge cause of preterm birth. Also (side note***), I had a TINY mom the other day say that she only eats salad. I had to tell her that after her Csection, she might want to stay away from too many gaseous foods (the intestines are ALL WACKED UP). She looked at me and said that she had to only eat vegetables. Ok, I understand fitness/health. When I got married, I was determined to NOT JOIN THE "GAIN 20 POUNDS AFTER THE WEDDING CLUB." However, if you just delivered a baby, please eat and replenish your food storages. You already burn an extra 500 calories if you breast feed. If I want a brownie, I eat a browning. You gain weight if you eat more than you burn. You lose weight if you eat less than you burn. Simple formula. I'm a daughter of an engineer and I have a physics minor. I think in mathematics. Do not freak out. Do not stress about carbs. Just clean up what you're putting in your body. Have a good night!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Show

Ok, so recently I have been reintroduced to MUSICALS. I love the new show GLEE (warning: there are some inappropriate sexual comments made sometime, so for any kid/parent reading, I do not recommend it for all ages). I miss high school choir. I miss harmonizing. I hope one day Clay will have the patience to pick a song for us to sing together. He is an amazing singer. I would only feel worthy to sing back up for him... but I would LOVE to.

Also, I have recently been motivated by the show Biggest Loser. Jillian Michaels may be a little rough around the edges on the show, but these people did not sign up to be pampered. They need serious help and she knows how to get them to work hard. She also knows her science. She studies endocrinology (which I want to specialize in) and she likes physics (I have a physics minor)... ok, so that might not be what is making her the most amazing trainer on the face of this earth, but I am a huge fan of hers for many of these reasons =)

Also, I have to add that I have had to cut my marathon training down big time lately. You see, I am about to graduate. I just got married. I have two part time jobs (sort of), I am a youth pastor's wife... There are so many things going on right now. I was not sleeping. I was waking up super early so that I could get a run/work out in and I was dreading it. Fortunately, my husband is amazing and pointed out where my time was going. I did not cut out fitness completely, but I decreased my intensity. I am loving the break; however, I am more motivated than ever to hit the gym hard once I can put the hours in again...

Also, I have had recent HAIR WOES: Here is an email I had to send to a friend....
So a few months ago I went to this great salon, the Edge by Mystic Hair, and they did a fabulous job. However, I paid way more than I can continue to pay. I got a short hair cut (which I love) but it requires more upkeep (trimming....blah). Anyways, I went to Fantastic Sams today and I left somewhat disappointed...duh. They did an OK job, but I just wanted more shape. Anyways, after my mental breakdown, Clay said I should just call you. I would love to just work something out with you next time. I need to re-build my cash fund for hair, but then I'd so much rather pay you straight up cash than pay someone who I do not know, who only receives a tiny piece of what I give. I was just wondering what you would charge and if you could maybe do mine in about a month or so??? I'd greatly appreciate it. My hair WAS like Jamie Eason's hair cut... now, thanks to not-so-Fantastic Sams, it's a bit off... oh well. I'll survive =) THANKS !!!


These were all my new thoughts this week... I have a huge midterm next week, so I must buckle down now...