Saturday, August 14, 2010


There has been a lot of change in my life lately. I have missed numerous workouts, healthy meals, family events, and opportunities to post blogs (I know... priorities). Howerver, I have accumulated outstanding amounts of usefull facts and tips that will change your lives; not really, but hopefully they will help you develop a healthy lifestyle and aid in your ability to make good choices.

My first wors of advice would be to not decide/commit to do P90X before you change jobs (my husband and myself), move living quarters, and renovate the new living quarters.

Second, gray, tight pants look awful on anyone. Please do not wear them to work with a tight shirt... I almost posted a picture of this lady at the gas station; however, maybe she just moved and all of her clothes are still packed like me. I should not judge.

Third, insulin resistance (this develops when you continually ingest too much sugar) increases your risk for heart disease as much as smoking does. Choose your foods wisely.

Fourth, give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt and try to not be easily offended. Stress and unnecessary anxiety actually increases the release of cortisol in your body. Drink water, laugh, and love.

Fifth. Do not judge me for any type-oes or misspellings. I most definitely typed this on my phone. I have no internet in my new place. I will get back on soon. Eat clean and make time to exercise with a loved one this week. My motto is that life is too short to work out alone... not really, but it helps multi tasking relationships and fitness :)