Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Week

This week has been absolutely CRAZY. I pretty much gave up on getting any LONG (6+ miles) runs in this week. I had a realization that school (final semester of nursing school *woot woot*) starts next week and I want to hang out with my fabulous husband. I woke up Monday morning to a text message from a friend of mine reminding me that I was scheduled to teach a kickboxing class later that day. I had not forgotten; I had not remembered, however, when I set my alarm. I jumped out of bed and began memorizing and critiquing my routine. Ernest, the sport that he is, thoroughly enjoyed my class. I then had to run to the grocery store and get food for Clay and I; I had not been grocery shopping in THREE WEEKS!!! I rush home, unpack, bake some protein bars (to save money), and run out the door to make the class. God must have known that I needed down time because ONE person showed up; my efforts were not a complete loss, however, because I learned new routines and moves... anyone up for kickboxing??? Also, I have been hitting the weights more consistently lately. Jamie Eason, of, has become my new role model. She does a great job at explaining health, recipes, weights, and cardio, yet she maintains a feminine approach and physique. Let's be real: I do not want to be big/huge/masculine... just fit/tight/toned =) For cardio, I have been playing tennis. I HAVE NEVER PLAYED TENNIS. Clay and I needed to find something that we could do TOGETHER that neither one of us were already good at; we created an equal playing ground/starting line. We have had so much fun. Actually, I burn 500-900 calories when I play 2 hours of tennis... Um, that is way more fun than just running (and I'm with Clay!).

Unfortunately, my grandfather died this week. This was not a surprise to us though. He has been battling bladder cancer for the past few months and his health has been gradually declining. Thankfully, my dad was able to be there right by his side. We have made arrangements for Saturday morning. We have many family members flying in and we will be having a luncheon at my parents house on Saturday. We were very blessed to see my grandfather ask Jesus to be his Savior just a few months ago. I have been praying for Papa since I can remember; I am very glad that he is now resting with our Savior and no longer here, in pain. I wrote his obituary for the newspaper. What an odd process; for free, you may fill 7 lines. Each additional line after that is almost $9.00. How do you wrap someone's life up in 7 lines? My dad and I both decided to just go over the limit and fork out a few bucks. Well, it is time for me to get ready to get my sister from the airport. Thanks for reading; have a great week!!!

PS. When the newspaper employee called me to confirm my obituary order, she said my "APA format was pristine" and that I "was the first obituary she did not have to edit." ****carreer change????**** j/k


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clay and I work out !

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I say "everyone" because in my dreams I am a writer for and everyone writes to me about their training/nursing/health issues. Today was awesome. I went to church with my awesome husband. We had a parents meeting for all the new 6th grade parents. We then went to lunch with my parents, got coffee, and then went to look at our possible "needs a ton of work but is a good price" town home. We then came home, took a nap, watched countless episodes of The Office on the internet (we do not have cable) and then we went to the gym. Yes WE WENT TO THE GYM. Clay was such a sport. He wanted to go watch the PGA tour final and I wanted to work out. We do not have TV (well, since they went digital we no longer get any channels) and the gym in our apartment complex has a TV with cable. I proceeded to work back/chest/triceps and he did a few pullups and bicep curls... unfortunately, there was a lady studying/talking to herself in there as well. We could not turn the TV on to watch the PGA tour. However, because I married the best guy in the world, he allowed me to finish my work out while he did a few things on his own. I know it was pure torture for him; he really is the best. We then came home, watched more of The Office, made dinner, played with the dog, and are soon going to be going to bed. I love being married. I love Clay. I like our dog... really, sometimes he's cute; other times, he is the thorn in my flesh that I believe God works through to teach me gentleness and patience.

I emailed the CEO of (on a whim) about possible writing possiblities. Why wouldn't the fitness industry want an inexperienced, new nurse to write on a huge website???? DREAMING..... but as I get closer to graduating nursing school, I want to work in the hospital about as much as I want to be 13 with a unibrow again.... seriously.


Friday, August 14, 2009


Ernest is our puppy. He is a standard schnauzer. He is black. He rules this house; or thinks he does. Clay tries to teach me to be the dominant figure; however, when I try to discipline Ernest I just end up laughing. Is this a sign my parenting skills are going to be wretched? Anyways, we crate Ernest when we are gone or when we are sleeping. He loves his crate so please do not feel sorry for him. He lies in there when the door is open just because he can. However, he runs away when we try to put him in there because he knows we are leaving. I have started a new tactic; I act really excited and grab a bone and run as fast as I can to the crate. Ernest, in his excitement because I am so excited and wants to follow me everywhere, runs in after me and jumps in his crate as I throw the bone in there. Mission accomplished: I can now exit the building without hearing him whimper.

Also, I have had a few questions recently about diet/exercise/fitness. I would love to answer questions so just comment/post questions! I'd love to help. I am a mutant because I actually ENJOY exercise. I have a group of girl friends who I run/swim/bike with so exercise is not a chore for me; it's social. My diet is not perfect; I pretty much exercise so I can eat whatever i at least in moderation. Anyways, post questions and I'm going to be posting some workouts soon too. YAY it's the weekend !!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ok. So this is my very first official "blog." I have attempted journals in the past, but I was never able to keep up with them. I am sort of a "black and white" type of person that does not allow too much art/feelings/creativity to seep into my view of my personal life. However, due to the recent tidal waves of newness that have over come me, I have decided to create a blog. I am a new wife. I am a new "runner." I am a new cook. I am a new "church staff wife." I am a new nurse (almost). I am a new apartment owner (soon to by home-owner). I am a new puppy owner (I love Ernest). Things are great. Life is crazy, but I like it that way. Stay tuned to my "new" posts because I am officially a new BLOGGER !