Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clay and I work out !

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I say "everyone" because in my dreams I am a writer for and everyone writes to me about their training/nursing/health issues. Today was awesome. I went to church with my awesome husband. We had a parents meeting for all the new 6th grade parents. We then went to lunch with my parents, got coffee, and then went to look at our possible "needs a ton of work but is a good price" town home. We then came home, took a nap, watched countless episodes of The Office on the internet (we do not have cable) and then we went to the gym. Yes WE WENT TO THE GYM. Clay was such a sport. He wanted to go watch the PGA tour final and I wanted to work out. We do not have TV (well, since they went digital we no longer get any channels) and the gym in our apartment complex has a TV with cable. I proceeded to work back/chest/triceps and he did a few pullups and bicep curls... unfortunately, there was a lady studying/talking to herself in there as well. We could not turn the TV on to watch the PGA tour. However, because I married the best guy in the world, he allowed me to finish my work out while he did a few things on his own. I know it was pure torture for him; he really is the best. We then came home, watched more of The Office, made dinner, played with the dog, and are soon going to be going to bed. I love being married. I love Clay. I like our dog... really, sometimes he's cute; other times, he is the thorn in my flesh that I believe God works through to teach me gentleness and patience.

I emailed the CEO of (on a whim) about possible writing possiblities. Why wouldn't the fitness industry want an inexperienced, new nurse to write on a huge website???? DREAMING..... but as I get closer to graduating nursing school, I want to work in the hospital about as much as I want to be 13 with a unibrow again.... seriously.



  1. seriously that would be awesome - writing for I would LOVE to write for a magazine as a side thing. Anyways, if you want I could put your blog link in my next post for anyone who has fitness questions. what do you think?

  2. Yes! That would be awesome. How do you do that anyways? I'd love to link up to yours just because you have great recipes and you actually attempt to cook... you inspire me =)

  3. The ROBY

    Ok, first of all, I am the best guy in the world (Your Husband may very well be a close second), and second of all...YOU MADE HIM MISS TIGER TOTALLY COLLAPSING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MAJOR!!!!?? Wow that is commitment unlike anything I have ever read, heard about, or seen on TV

  4. I did not make him miss it on purpose =) I wanted him to watch it; remember, we have no cable. The PGA internet was down. The gym TV was the ONLY option =) What can I say? Clay's a catch!!!!