Friday, August 14, 2009


Ernest is our puppy. He is a standard schnauzer. He is black. He rules this house; or thinks he does. Clay tries to teach me to be the dominant figure; however, when I try to discipline Ernest I just end up laughing. Is this a sign my parenting skills are going to be wretched? Anyways, we crate Ernest when we are gone or when we are sleeping. He loves his crate so please do not feel sorry for him. He lies in there when the door is open just because he can. However, he runs away when we try to put him in there because he knows we are leaving. I have started a new tactic; I act really excited and grab a bone and run as fast as I can to the crate. Ernest, in his excitement because I am so excited and wants to follow me everywhere, runs in after me and jumps in his crate as I throw the bone in there. Mission accomplished: I can now exit the building without hearing him whimper.

Also, I have had a few questions recently about diet/exercise/fitness. I would love to answer questions so just comment/post questions! I'd love to help. I am a mutant because I actually ENJOY exercise. I have a group of girl friends who I run/swim/bike with so exercise is not a chore for me; it's social. My diet is not perfect; I pretty much exercise so I can eat whatever i at least in moderation. Anyways, post questions and I'm going to be posting some workouts soon too. YAY it's the weekend !!!!!

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