Sunday, September 27, 2009


This week was full of new experiences. First of all, this was the first time I had to contact human resources for any company. I called about a hospital's position for new graduate nurses. Looking for a career job is so different than looking for a job for extra cash. I had to actually look at benefits. Healthcare. Maternity (not any time soon though). Some hospitals have labor unions for nurses. What does this mean? Do I have a choice? Is the hospital private or community (not for profit)? All of these things matter. I got a little overwhelmed, but things seemed to simmer once I just stopped worrying about it and looked at it more objectively (Clay helps me with this).

Also, this week I spent two days in the local health department. I did STD screenings and a few annual pap smears for the female clients. I learned a lot, but it was a new environment. I found myself really having to check my affect (appearance, demeanor, overall "room presence"). I did not want to be judgemental or look shocked by some of the answers some people would state in their interview (for instance, I tried not to look suprised when one famales "history" conisted of 22 men in the past year). Did some people not get as freaked out as I did at the pictures of STD's in middle school and highschool ???

I made a few new recipes this week. I made meat loaf "south beach diet" style. I adapted the recipe to what I had available in my refrigerator:
1 lb of LEAN ground beaf
1/2 of a tomato (diced
1 egg
1/2 cup of brown rice (although, this was Clay's least favorite part, so I will leave it out next time)
1/4 tsp. of salt (I ran out of salt though, so I used a creole seasoning that has salt in it...yum)
1/4 c. of black beans
1/2 cup of publix's "seasoning vegetables" which is pretty much onions, red/green bell peppers, and some other seasonings (found in their frozen vegetable section)

Saute the 3tbsp of olive oil with the vegetable mix. Mix all the ingredients together and form a loaf. I then placed mine on a broiler pan (so the extra fat could drain) but you can put it in a bake-safe dish. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes, but keep an eye on it because my oven tends to cook too fast. Check the inside of course for "pinkness." Raw beef is no good.

This week I am going to make a healthy black bean soup. I'll fill you in =)

Another NEW thing: My friend is going to help me play with my 35mm camera that I got a few years ago. She is an amaizing photographer and I am so excited to learn NEW things.

God Bless you all,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day CARDIO workout.

Happy Labor Day. I spent my morning studying pediatric assessment and nutrition. I went out to lunch with my fabulous husband (splurged on the free Chic-fil-a deal going on today). We are about to go play some tennis. I wanted to post a new workout/tip before I went out for the day. Here you go:

In order to burn fat, not just calories, sprint-type exercises keep your body guessing more than just an hour on the elliptical. Tennis, plyometrics (I will explain), and sprints are good ways to get your cardio in.

Plyometric Workout Example:
20 squat/frog jumps.
20 jumping jacks
20 lunge jumps
20 high knee jumps
20 butt-kick jumps (just like it sounds... you feel like a preppy highschooler when you do it).
20 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers (get in push up position, bring one foot up under your hips like a track racer about to start... then alternate feet)
20 pushups (or until you cannot do anymore)
20 bicycle crunches

I like to change it up a bit: get a deck of cards. Flip three cards over. Add up the total (numbers are face value, face cards are 10, aces and jokers are 1 or 11). I go through the deck once, so you go through the work out twice. It gets your hear rate up BIG TIME. Let me know what you guys think. I got this idea from Jaime Eason (spokes woman for

Enjoy! I'm going to try to lift some weights before Clay and I hit the courts.


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Long time no blog guys. My final semester has begun! I am so excited. You see, I have one of the most well rounded college experiences EVER. I changed my major quite a few times. However, I have a minor in physics, have taken ballet, swimming, aerobics, weight training, accounting, and personal finance (so time was not wasted!). Basically, I just want to jot a few thoughts down, and then I must get back to studying...
People in ministry experience a different type of lonliness than I expected. I think Satan is going to constantly attack Clay and mine's self esteem, confidence in abilities, and friendships. I have never felt so attacked by "what people think" than I have the past few weeks. However, I am thankful that God can take those insecurites and I can just trust Him and be who HE made me.

I really want to start a question and answer health forum. I learn better that way, and I also want to use the knowledge I have to help others.... So please, ask away.

I also want to begin a "newsletter" for new things I learn (maybe include some "video" workouts).

I want to graduate.

I want to get a job.

I want to start grad school STAT.

I want to not worry about all my "wants."

Anyways, so that is what is on my mind as I start this studying.

Workout of the DAY:
Do three sets of 20 lunges around your living room.
Do three sets of 20 calf raises in between the lunges.
Do 3 sets of 12 squat JUMPS (heart rate will sky-rocket)
Next, stand WIDE with toes pointed out (like that plie position in ballet) and do mini squats DOWN LOW. You will feel this in that fabulous INNER THIGH spot that you want to get rid of.
Give me 3 sets of 25 crunches.
If able, do 2-3 sets of 12 leg lifts....

Now go shower, and do not eat any more sugar tonight!!!!

Have a great week. God BLESS!!!