Monday, December 28, 2009

New Nurse

I am officially graduated. I start at a nearby hospital in a critical care rotation program for new nurses. I have mixed feelings about this; you see, nurses eat their young. I have had very little encouragement about entering this program. So many nurses that I have met have actually said, "Wow, that is a terrible idea." Many believe that nurses should spend time on a regular floor before working in a critical care unit. I am not telling them that they are wrong. I can definitely see how working in a "non critical" area could be quite helpful. However, there are not many openings for GRADUATE nurses. The world thinks that nurses can always get jobs; sure, if you have already been working as a nurse. I found a "GRADUATE NURSE" internship and applied. Am I trying to say that I am better than other nurses? NO. Do I think I know more than other nurses? HECK NO. Am I completely thrilled that the graduate internship HAPPENS to be in an area that I am really excited about? YES !!!!! Obviously, if graduate nurses were failing miserably in this program, it would not exist. So to all of you who are going to be negative and discouraging to a brand new nurse, cheers. Relax. We all start somewhere. Every area is difficult for a beginner.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week we had some beautiful weather; today it was hot. I am not sure if the weather was hotter than it was yesterday, but I was driving our NON AIR CONDITIONED car today; consequently, today was much hotter to me! I hear that this weekend should cool down, so I am very excited. I love being able to turn the AC off. I love driving with the windows down. I love smelling cinnamon and spice. I love holidays. I love family-get-togethers. I love my birthday; it is the official start to the holiday season (don't judge... everyone loves their birthday). However, right now, I am studying for midterms and sweating... FALL, PLEASE HURRY!!!!

My new item to discuss right now is my new desire to talk about birth/pregnancy. Let me clear up any over-zealous "you must procreate as soon as you get married and I will always ask you when you are having kids" type of people out there. I do not want kids right now. God, please help Ortho Tri-Cyclen work another 4 years... I am in my Labor and Delivery rotation right now and I absolutely LOVE it. If anyone would like to share a fun pregnancy/labor/delivery/post-partum story... Please do. I have decided not to talk about things with my husband anymore because it began to freak him out. However, I'd love to hear about your stories/thoughts.

Also, I started my internship this past week. My nurse made me get there 45 minutes early so I could look at all the blood labs and interpret them. Well, of course I get there with all my notes and analyzed all the labs; she got there, looked at them, and then we got to work. I thought she was going to drill me with questions. However, I was prepared later on in the day when the DOCTOR asked me a question. Yes, over-achieving does pay off (sometimes... except, I think I will be getting gray hair earlier in life than most).

Finally, I have a theory. This nation is one of the leading nations in PRETERM births. We look pathetic against other developed countries. We are close to third world rates. My theory on this is as follows: American women are getting intoxicated with work/business/"keeping up with the Jones.'" CHILL OUT!!! There comes a time when you need to lie down and take it easy. Stress is a huge cause of preterm birth. Also (side note***), I had a TINY mom the other day say that she only eats salad. I had to tell her that after her Csection, she might want to stay away from too many gaseous foods (the intestines are ALL WACKED UP). She looked at me and said that she had to only eat vegetables. Ok, I understand fitness/health. When I got married, I was determined to NOT JOIN THE "GAIN 20 POUNDS AFTER THE WEDDING CLUB." However, if you just delivered a baby, please eat and replenish your food storages. You already burn an extra 500 calories if you breast feed. If I want a brownie, I eat a browning. You gain weight if you eat more than you burn. You lose weight if you eat less than you burn. Simple formula. I'm a daughter of an engineer and I have a physics minor. I think in mathematics. Do not freak out. Do not stress about carbs. Just clean up what you're putting in your body. Have a good night!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Show

Ok, so recently I have been reintroduced to MUSICALS. I love the new show GLEE (warning: there are some inappropriate sexual comments made sometime, so for any kid/parent reading, I do not recommend it for all ages). I miss high school choir. I miss harmonizing. I hope one day Clay will have the patience to pick a song for us to sing together. He is an amazing singer. I would only feel worthy to sing back up for him... but I would LOVE to.

Also, I have recently been motivated by the show Biggest Loser. Jillian Michaels may be a little rough around the edges on the show, but these people did not sign up to be pampered. They need serious help and she knows how to get them to work hard. She also knows her science. She studies endocrinology (which I want to specialize in) and she likes physics (I have a physics minor)... ok, so that might not be what is making her the most amazing trainer on the face of this earth, but I am a huge fan of hers for many of these reasons =)

Also, I have to add that I have had to cut my marathon training down big time lately. You see, I am about to graduate. I just got married. I have two part time jobs (sort of), I am a youth pastor's wife... There are so many things going on right now. I was not sleeping. I was waking up super early so that I could get a run/work out in and I was dreading it. Fortunately, my husband is amazing and pointed out where my time was going. I did not cut out fitness completely, but I decreased my intensity. I am loving the break; however, I am more motivated than ever to hit the gym hard once I can put the hours in again...

Also, I have had recent HAIR WOES: Here is an email I had to send to a friend....
So a few months ago I went to this great salon, the Edge by Mystic Hair, and they did a fabulous job. However, I paid way more than I can continue to pay. I got a short hair cut (which I love) but it requires more upkeep (trimming....blah). Anyways, I went to Fantastic Sams today and I left somewhat disappointed...duh. They did an OK job, but I just wanted more shape. Anyways, after my mental breakdown, Clay said I should just call you. I would love to just work something out with you next time. I need to re-build my cash fund for hair, but then I'd so much rather pay you straight up cash than pay someone who I do not know, who only receives a tiny piece of what I give. I was just wondering what you would charge and if you could maybe do mine in about a month or so??? I'd greatly appreciate it. My hair WAS like Jamie Eason's hair cut... now, thanks to not-so-Fantastic Sams, it's a bit off... oh well. I'll survive =) THANKS !!!


These were all my new thoughts this week... I have a huge midterm next week, so I must buckle down now...


Sunday, September 27, 2009


This week was full of new experiences. First of all, this was the first time I had to contact human resources for any company. I called about a hospital's position for new graduate nurses. Looking for a career job is so different than looking for a job for extra cash. I had to actually look at benefits. Healthcare. Maternity (not any time soon though). Some hospitals have labor unions for nurses. What does this mean? Do I have a choice? Is the hospital private or community (not for profit)? All of these things matter. I got a little overwhelmed, but things seemed to simmer once I just stopped worrying about it and looked at it more objectively (Clay helps me with this).

Also, this week I spent two days in the local health department. I did STD screenings and a few annual pap smears for the female clients. I learned a lot, but it was a new environment. I found myself really having to check my affect (appearance, demeanor, overall "room presence"). I did not want to be judgemental or look shocked by some of the answers some people would state in their interview (for instance, I tried not to look suprised when one famales "history" conisted of 22 men in the past year). Did some people not get as freaked out as I did at the pictures of STD's in middle school and highschool ???

I made a few new recipes this week. I made meat loaf "south beach diet" style. I adapted the recipe to what I had available in my refrigerator:
1 lb of LEAN ground beaf
1/2 of a tomato (diced
1 egg
1/2 cup of brown rice (although, this was Clay's least favorite part, so I will leave it out next time)
1/4 tsp. of salt (I ran out of salt though, so I used a creole seasoning that has salt in it...yum)
1/4 c. of black beans
1/2 cup of publix's "seasoning vegetables" which is pretty much onions, red/green bell peppers, and some other seasonings (found in their frozen vegetable section)

Saute the 3tbsp of olive oil with the vegetable mix. Mix all the ingredients together and form a loaf. I then placed mine on a broiler pan (so the extra fat could drain) but you can put it in a bake-safe dish. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes, but keep an eye on it because my oven tends to cook too fast. Check the inside of course for "pinkness." Raw beef is no good.

This week I am going to make a healthy black bean soup. I'll fill you in =)

Another NEW thing: My friend is going to help me play with my 35mm camera that I got a few years ago. She is an amaizing photographer and I am so excited to learn NEW things.

God Bless you all,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day CARDIO workout.

Happy Labor Day. I spent my morning studying pediatric assessment and nutrition. I went out to lunch with my fabulous husband (splurged on the free Chic-fil-a deal going on today). We are about to go play some tennis. I wanted to post a new workout/tip before I went out for the day. Here you go:

In order to burn fat, not just calories, sprint-type exercises keep your body guessing more than just an hour on the elliptical. Tennis, plyometrics (I will explain), and sprints are good ways to get your cardio in.

Plyometric Workout Example:
20 squat/frog jumps.
20 jumping jacks
20 lunge jumps
20 high knee jumps
20 butt-kick jumps (just like it sounds... you feel like a preppy highschooler when you do it).
20 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers (get in push up position, bring one foot up under your hips like a track racer about to start... then alternate feet)
20 pushups (or until you cannot do anymore)
20 bicycle crunches

I like to change it up a bit: get a deck of cards. Flip three cards over. Add up the total (numbers are face value, face cards are 10, aces and jokers are 1 or 11). I go through the deck once, so you go through the work out twice. It gets your hear rate up BIG TIME. Let me know what you guys think. I got this idea from Jaime Eason (spokes woman for

Enjoy! I'm going to try to lift some weights before Clay and I hit the courts.


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Long time no blog guys. My final semester has begun! I am so excited. You see, I have one of the most well rounded college experiences EVER. I changed my major quite a few times. However, I have a minor in physics, have taken ballet, swimming, aerobics, weight training, accounting, and personal finance (so time was not wasted!). Basically, I just want to jot a few thoughts down, and then I must get back to studying...
People in ministry experience a different type of lonliness than I expected. I think Satan is going to constantly attack Clay and mine's self esteem, confidence in abilities, and friendships. I have never felt so attacked by "what people think" than I have the past few weeks. However, I am thankful that God can take those insecurites and I can just trust Him and be who HE made me.

I really want to start a question and answer health forum. I learn better that way, and I also want to use the knowledge I have to help others.... So please, ask away.

I also want to begin a "newsletter" for new things I learn (maybe include some "video" workouts).

I want to graduate.

I want to get a job.

I want to start grad school STAT.

I want to not worry about all my "wants."

Anyways, so that is what is on my mind as I start this studying.

Workout of the DAY:
Do three sets of 20 lunges around your living room.
Do three sets of 20 calf raises in between the lunges.
Do 3 sets of 12 squat JUMPS (heart rate will sky-rocket)
Next, stand WIDE with toes pointed out (like that plie position in ballet) and do mini squats DOWN LOW. You will feel this in that fabulous INNER THIGH spot that you want to get rid of.
Give me 3 sets of 25 crunches.
If able, do 2-3 sets of 12 leg lifts....

Now go shower, and do not eat any more sugar tonight!!!!

Have a great week. God BLESS!!!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Week

This week has been absolutely CRAZY. I pretty much gave up on getting any LONG (6+ miles) runs in this week. I had a realization that school (final semester of nursing school *woot woot*) starts next week and I want to hang out with my fabulous husband. I woke up Monday morning to a text message from a friend of mine reminding me that I was scheduled to teach a kickboxing class later that day. I had not forgotten; I had not remembered, however, when I set my alarm. I jumped out of bed and began memorizing and critiquing my routine. Ernest, the sport that he is, thoroughly enjoyed my class. I then had to run to the grocery store and get food for Clay and I; I had not been grocery shopping in THREE WEEKS!!! I rush home, unpack, bake some protein bars (to save money), and run out the door to make the class. God must have known that I needed down time because ONE person showed up; my efforts were not a complete loss, however, because I learned new routines and moves... anyone up for kickboxing??? Also, I have been hitting the weights more consistently lately. Jamie Eason, of, has become my new role model. She does a great job at explaining health, recipes, weights, and cardio, yet she maintains a feminine approach and physique. Let's be real: I do not want to be big/huge/masculine... just fit/tight/toned =) For cardio, I have been playing tennis. I HAVE NEVER PLAYED TENNIS. Clay and I needed to find something that we could do TOGETHER that neither one of us were already good at; we created an equal playing ground/starting line. We have had so much fun. Actually, I burn 500-900 calories when I play 2 hours of tennis... Um, that is way more fun than just running (and I'm with Clay!).

Unfortunately, my grandfather died this week. This was not a surprise to us though. He has been battling bladder cancer for the past few months and his health has been gradually declining. Thankfully, my dad was able to be there right by his side. We have made arrangements for Saturday morning. We have many family members flying in and we will be having a luncheon at my parents house on Saturday. We were very blessed to see my grandfather ask Jesus to be his Savior just a few months ago. I have been praying for Papa since I can remember; I am very glad that he is now resting with our Savior and no longer here, in pain. I wrote his obituary for the newspaper. What an odd process; for free, you may fill 7 lines. Each additional line after that is almost $9.00. How do you wrap someone's life up in 7 lines? My dad and I both decided to just go over the limit and fork out a few bucks. Well, it is time for me to get ready to get my sister from the airport. Thanks for reading; have a great week!!!

PS. When the newspaper employee called me to confirm my obituary order, she said my "APA format was pristine" and that I "was the first obituary she did not have to edit." ****carreer change????**** j/k


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clay and I work out !

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I say "everyone" because in my dreams I am a writer for and everyone writes to me about their training/nursing/health issues. Today was awesome. I went to church with my awesome husband. We had a parents meeting for all the new 6th grade parents. We then went to lunch with my parents, got coffee, and then went to look at our possible "needs a ton of work but is a good price" town home. We then came home, took a nap, watched countless episodes of The Office on the internet (we do not have cable) and then we went to the gym. Yes WE WENT TO THE GYM. Clay was such a sport. He wanted to go watch the PGA tour final and I wanted to work out. We do not have TV (well, since they went digital we no longer get any channels) and the gym in our apartment complex has a TV with cable. I proceeded to work back/chest/triceps and he did a few pullups and bicep curls... unfortunately, there was a lady studying/talking to herself in there as well. We could not turn the TV on to watch the PGA tour. However, because I married the best guy in the world, he allowed me to finish my work out while he did a few things on his own. I know it was pure torture for him; he really is the best. We then came home, watched more of The Office, made dinner, played with the dog, and are soon going to be going to bed. I love being married. I love Clay. I like our dog... really, sometimes he's cute; other times, he is the thorn in my flesh that I believe God works through to teach me gentleness and patience.

I emailed the CEO of (on a whim) about possible writing possiblities. Why wouldn't the fitness industry want an inexperienced, new nurse to write on a huge website???? DREAMING..... but as I get closer to graduating nursing school, I want to work in the hospital about as much as I want to be 13 with a unibrow again.... seriously.


Friday, August 14, 2009


Ernest is our puppy. He is a standard schnauzer. He is black. He rules this house; or thinks he does. Clay tries to teach me to be the dominant figure; however, when I try to discipline Ernest I just end up laughing. Is this a sign my parenting skills are going to be wretched? Anyways, we crate Ernest when we are gone or when we are sleeping. He loves his crate so please do not feel sorry for him. He lies in there when the door is open just because he can. However, he runs away when we try to put him in there because he knows we are leaving. I have started a new tactic; I act really excited and grab a bone and run as fast as I can to the crate. Ernest, in his excitement because I am so excited and wants to follow me everywhere, runs in after me and jumps in his crate as I throw the bone in there. Mission accomplished: I can now exit the building without hearing him whimper.

Also, I have had a few questions recently about diet/exercise/fitness. I would love to answer questions so just comment/post questions! I'd love to help. I am a mutant because I actually ENJOY exercise. I have a group of girl friends who I run/swim/bike with so exercise is not a chore for me; it's social. My diet is not perfect; I pretty much exercise so I can eat whatever i at least in moderation. Anyways, post questions and I'm going to be posting some workouts soon too. YAY it's the weekend !!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ok. So this is my very first official "blog." I have attempted journals in the past, but I was never able to keep up with them. I am sort of a "black and white" type of person that does not allow too much art/feelings/creativity to seep into my view of my personal life. However, due to the recent tidal waves of newness that have over come me, I have decided to create a blog. I am a new wife. I am a new "runner." I am a new cook. I am a new "church staff wife." I am a new nurse (almost). I am a new apartment owner (soon to by home-owner). I am a new puppy owner (I love Ernest). Things are great. Life is crazy, but I like it that way. Stay tuned to my "new" posts because I am officially a new BLOGGER !