Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day CARDIO workout.

Happy Labor Day. I spent my morning studying pediatric assessment and nutrition. I went out to lunch with my fabulous husband (splurged on the free Chic-fil-a deal going on today). We are about to go play some tennis. I wanted to post a new workout/tip before I went out for the day. Here you go:

In order to burn fat, not just calories, sprint-type exercises keep your body guessing more than just an hour on the elliptical. Tennis, plyometrics (I will explain), and sprints are good ways to get your cardio in.

Plyometric Workout Example:
20 squat/frog jumps.
20 jumping jacks
20 lunge jumps
20 high knee jumps
20 butt-kick jumps (just like it sounds... you feel like a preppy highschooler when you do it).
20 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers (get in push up position, bring one foot up under your hips like a track racer about to start... then alternate feet)
20 pushups (or until you cannot do anymore)
20 bicycle crunches

I like to change it up a bit: get a deck of cards. Flip three cards over. Add up the total (numbers are face value, face cards are 10, aces and jokers are 1 or 11). I go through the deck once, so you go through the work out twice. It gets your hear rate up BIG TIME. Let me know what you guys think. I got this idea from Jaime Eason (spokes woman for

Enjoy! I'm going to try to lift some weights before Clay and I hit the courts.


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