Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running Gear

A few weeks ago, I purchased my first running skirt. I was skeptical. I mean, my legs are not a tennis players legs, and I certainly lack that gazelle stride that some runners are gifted with. However, I am VERY pleased. I bought it at Target... Of course. I think 90% of my wardrobe comes from that place. The C9 brand by Champion has GREAT active wear. Their sports bras are amazing and their pants fit very well. I have a windbreaker that I got as a gift too....
I really like that the shorts underneath are long enough to make it obvious that I am wearing a SKORT. I wore this thing at Shapes first (all female gym)... I did not want it's inaugural run to be shameful!
(Never-mind how dirty this mirror is)

If you have problems with shorts riding up on you, this skirt might help. It is long enough that it covers your legs while you run, but it is made in a way that allows me to take full strides.

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with this short hair while I run.... It is BAAAAAD.

In recent news, my CEP Compression socks arrived today. I am planning on a long run tomorrow night after my Biostatistics midterm (do not be jealous).... SOOOO I am definitely wearing these suckers while I am working on math problems, cooking dinner, and of course, BLOGGING.
The two things that I have learned that my body needs the most while I am training are COOL DOWNS (cycling, power walking, swimming.... for at least 10 minutes) and FOAM ROLLING. I am thinking these CEP Socks might get added to the regimen.

Well, time to hit the books again! Have a good evening.

QUESTION: If you run, what are the most important injury prevention tools you use?

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