Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eating "Clean"

One of the hardest parts about eating clean for me is the PLANNING behind it. This book by Tosca Reno, The Eat Clean Diet, RECHARGED is great. I love the grocery list and the meal plan in the back of the book. Remember what I said in my interview with Courtney a few weeks ago about how I need someone to give me a grocery list that coincides with multiple recipes? SHE DOES! There is a recipe in this book that I am going to try tonight and bring to my weight loss class that I teach tomorrow. I will post the recipe if it is good.

Clay and I have a BARE pantry and refrigerator right now. We are going out of town next week (whoop whoop!!!) so there is little motivation to restock. However, I plan on hitting the produce section on my way home tonight because I am craving GRILLED VEGGIES. Clay does a great job grilling anything.... a trait that I am oh, so thankful for.

So, because we are low on food, I pulled a can of tuna and a chocolate protein bar that I made. Also, at work, I keep oats and peanut butter in my desk... always. Target (*sigh* best place every) has almond butter now that is really reasonable so I have that in my desk right now instead of PB.

Anyways, just thought I would share. Off to work. Happy Wednesday!!!

Question: What are you STAPLE snacks that you try to always have on hand?


  1. Hey girl! :)

    I also think that trying to eat "clean" is hard because of the planning it takes. You can no longer pop in that frozen pizza or whatever other convenience food on hand. But it is so worth it!

    My staple snacks are ones that I can "grab-and-go" because that is when I am most likely to eat something bad if I don't have anything healthy readily available. Granola bars and fruit (such as apples, bananas, things I can throw in my purse) are my favorite.

    - Christina

  2. Yes, Christina, the best snacks are definately the ones that I can throw in my purse! Agreed. Thanks for sharing. RIP Frozen Pizza..... =)