Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Health Hint... Follow Someone

Whenever I talk to someone about how to get started with an exercise routine, running plan, or lifestyle change, I always tell them this... FOLLOW SOMEONE. Pick a magazine. Read a blog. Get updates from a leading health care company. Technology allows you to know get instant feed on your Facebook page. You can get updates on Twitter when people blog *hint.* Here are a few of mine.

fitRN.blogspot.com =) I had to.

When you are submersed  in something, you are constantly learning. In nursing school, we had clinicals. My sister is in the education program at USF and she has to practice out in the field. Get out there. Read something. Question something and figure out why it works that way.... or why you do not think it does. THAT my friends, is the best way to learn.

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