Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Interview.... Blog interview that is!!!

Check out Cooking With Court today!!! I was interviewed for her site. Courtney and I were roomates in college; let me tell you, I ate the BEST food that year. She was always coming up with something. She made brownies from scratch (without looking at a recipe one time) that would make me drool !!!! Seriously, there are pictures of me just eating the batter.... shameful.

This morning I did a "run and puke" workout with Wendy!!!!

Warm up 5 minutes on the treadmill
- 20 push ups
- 20 tricep dips
- 20 squats
RUN 1 minute on the treadmill at full force
- 20 flutter kicks
- 20 lunges
- 20 plank stomps (plank while stomping your feet)
Run 1 minute on the treadmill at full force
- 20 step ups on the bench
- 20 crunches
- 20 plank hand taps (in a plank on your hands, take your right hand and tap your left, take your left hand and tap your right..... keep repeating)

THEN, repeat that whole sequence with 12 reps instead of 20.... FABULOUS.

Last night, while watching American Idol and avoiding my biostatistics book, I did this workout from BodyRockTV.... she is insane, and so was this workout. I downloaded a FREE app for my droid that you can set an interval timer.... stead of purchasing a $20 interval timer..... GO APPS!!!

Anyways, happy FRIDAY everyone =)

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