Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi...the 3.14 kind....

Yesterday, I ran 3.2 miles in 25 minutes... running in the afternoon is haaaaard on me. The heat, plus my intestines, do not work well together. I cramp and feel awful when I run in the afternoons. Thankfully, most races are in the MORNING.... my magic time =)

New Running Gear: I bought a running skirt from Target.... SERIOUSLY, I love it. Can I be a C9 model please? Their sports bras, tanks, shorts, pants, socks, AND NOW skorts are fabulouso.

(yes, that is a pi symbol in the middle of that pie crust....)

Last night I celebrated 3/14 or Pi Day (3.14.....) with my family. My mom made AMAZING home made blueberry pie AND apple/pear pie. Do not judge. I grew up doing scientific notation (4th grade "show and tell") and watching science fiction films. I may have never seen Rocky films, but I have seen EVERY Star Wars and Star Trek film EVER.

Today I got home and gave my shins a rest. I did an upper body workout of push ups, bicep curls, shoulder press, crunches, side planks and then...... torture. Have you ever heard of BODY ROCK??? Zuzana lives in Prague and records workout videos from her house. MOST of the workouts can be completed in your own living room... which I LOVE. I completed attempted today's workout challenge, but after my push up routine, my wrists were pretty toast. We were supposed to do 60 reps.... I MIGHT have done 42.... MIGHT.

I am hoping to win tomorrow's CEP Compression Socks give away from SkinnyRunner.com, but I never win anything like that.... I am not random material apparently. I have already scoped out the sleeves (for over the calves) that I will purchase tomorrow when I get home from work. The more I read about compression socks, the more they make sense. Basically, they help shunt blood back up your leg, and prevent pooling in your legs. We place them on patients' legs while they are bed-bound in the hospital....they prevent venous stasis and blood clots. If you have varicose veins, they will help relieve the pain. If you have shin splints, they provide support and prevent inflammation, micro muscle tears, and vibration trauma. WINNER!!!!

God is so good and gave me the opportunity to read John 1 with my hubby tonight.... In the beginning was the WORD. It never gets old; HE is so much bigger than the worries of this earth.... **Convicted**. Anyways, I have to be AT work tomorrow morning by 6:30am. Good night!!!

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