Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oak pollen,10 mile run, and STARBUCKS

I always enjoy spring time because the weather is getting warmer, the days become longer, and the beach is so beautiful here in Florida. Thankfully, the humidity is under control as well. However, this time of year does not come without a price. If you have allergies, then you understand. I HATE OAK POLLEN. It coats my car, gets caught on Ernest's paws.... so it ends up coating my floor, and it makes my runs quite difficult. This year, we had an extremely cold November and December. Apparently, this made the oak trees pollinate EARLY and MULTIPLE TIMES. In our neighborhood, there are oak tress everywhere.
(TONS of oak sperm... yes, that is what it is)

A few weeks ago, I tried to go for an afternoon run in my inlaws' neighborhood. I love running in there!!! However, it was in the afternoon so many people were outside working on their yards.... SOME GUY WAS BLOWING OFF HIS DRIVEWAY AND I GOT COATED IN OAK POLLEN. I have never had asthma, and I was a very healthy kid, so I have never "wheezed" before. I used to listen to Clay's lungs with my stethoscope when he would wheeze. I would try to identify rhonchi, crackles, stridor, rales,or wheezing lung sounds in my patients, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN THE ONE WHEEZING. Anyways, so I have started taking Nasonex (nasal spray... it is a steroid) once a day, Zyrtec once a day (if I remember), and Benadryl (only after an afternoon run). I have found that if I run in the morning, the dew keeps the pollen somewhat pasted to the ground and I do not wheeze. I also try to always take a handkerchief with me.... There is nothing worse than having the sniffles and trying to breathe right while you are running.... no good.

This morning's long run was divided into two parts. I ran 5.7 miles on my own, at a 7:30-8:00 pace, and then the second part I ran 4.3 miles with my dear friend Stephanie =) We had a great time catching up. She just got engaged!!! I am so excited. Her fiance is amazing... and has an Australian accent =) After my 5.7 miles I ate half of the GU Chomps pack. I felt pretty depleated. After the run, I ate the rest (first I offered Stephanie some though, but they were warm from being in my sports bra, and for some reason, she said no.....) *classy*
We went to Starbucks afterwards and enjoyed a cup of JO. Steph used to work at Starbucks and ordered this drink that somehow, only costs $2.00, but had a TON of stuff in it. She knows her coffee. The barista tried to tell her that her drink is technically a "bla bla bla bla." Steph and I had a little chuckle about that... she is pro. He must be a rookie. I enjoyed my non-fat, grande, misto.... YUM, and a venti water.
I am off to enjoy a day with no homework. In gradschool, there seems to always be homework I COULD be doing. However, the greatest part about midterms is the weekend after... Nothing due for a few weeks. I have not had a lazy Saturday in while. I may go to the pool and lay out, but until this.... This is all I am doing.
I bought the Holiday (Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law) for $5 yesterday at the fabulous TARGET... seriously, love that place. I watched this movie like once a week when I was living with Courtney, Katherine, and Caitlin in college, so it brings back good memories =) So I will be kicking back and enjoying a chick flick while Claybo is out fishing with his buddy Kyle.

What are you doing today????


  1. Haha. You said sperm. Just kidding. I'm glad to know this exists. I'll be checking from time to time, so keep it racy.

  2. just found your blog... so cute! i love it and i'll definitely be checkin' back!

  3. Yes! Please check back. Thanks for visiting. I will check out your blog as well.