Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brain Dead

(Post from yesterday)
I really took college for granted. I used to work 20hrs a week, take classes, go to Bible studies, and still have time for friends.... until nursing school started. Now, I. Work 40+ hrs a week (minimum), go to grad school, manage a household, and attempt to keep a normal running/workout schedule. My brain is fried today! Wednesday's test drained me, but I'm finished now and off to play nine holes of golf with my husband and a few friends.

(I "edited" my work logo off my shirt... that is not a big blob on my shirt)

I took lessons a few months ago with a friend of mine from work.... because we decided to enter the annual golf tournament that our HR departments hosts. I also decided to learn how to play because I wanted to play with my husband...... what can I say, he is the best!

I have not been able to run that much this week. Work and school has been pretty busy. When my weeks are like this, I work out pretty hard on Saturday and Sunday. Not only does it mentally relax me from my crazy week, but I also still get my milage in for the week.

What are you running this weekend????

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