Sunday, March 27, 2011

A night out with the FAM

(I covered my mom's face on purpose in the bottom pic because she did not like that pic of her and I did not have her permission to post it... LOVE YA MOM)

Last night we trucked over to Tarpon Springs in my parents' suburban with our good friend Abram. I love this Tarpon Springs. The community is mostly Greek and the food is ahhhhhhmazing. My parents found this little hole in the wall grill called "Miss Vicki's" that is tucked behind a yacht club/storage center...marina....I obviously do not have a yacht because I do not know what it is called =)

Anyways, we sat around, ate boiled peanuts, and watched the sunset. I was starving from yesterday's run (remember, I eat like a man when I run) so I ate all of my Greek Salad (authentic too.... feta, romaine, tomatoes, olives, home-made potato salad, and not a lot of dressing....yum!) and a few bites of Clay's turkey sandwich.... pressed in REAL Cuban bread. Afterwards we ended up back at my parents' house, drinking coffee, eating dessert, and watching House Hunters on HGTV =)

I felt really good after my run yesterday. I think the CEP Compression socks really helped my legs feel lighter... You know that feeling after a long ruin when your legs just feel like cinder blocks are under your feet??? Today after church I plan to catch up on laundry and go run at least three miles. My legs feel tight and need to be loosened up. Have a good day!!!!


  1. Wish I could have been there... I am long overdue for some authentic Greek food! Love you!

  2. I also am a Greek Freak! Love that Mediterranean food! Will have to catch up on my Cuban food as well when I make another Florida trip!
    Great blog Grandgirl! Love you