Monday, March 28, 2011

No More Diets... It is about BEHAVIOR change.

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 Part of my job at work involves helping employees lose weight, decrease blood pressure, manage blood sugar, and cope with stress in the work place. Predictably, most people come to my office because they want to lose weight. Some have put a lot of weight on recently due to hormones, major stress at home, or unknown reasons. Some have been overweight for a long time and are looking to lose weight. My coworker and I had 800 people sign up for our incentive challenge in January. We decided not to do a "Biggest Loser" format because people tend to just gain the weight back. There are so many people looking for a fast fix and that is not what we wanted to encourage. **** Now, I do have to say that there are some people that may need the "fast fix" by visiting a weight loss doctor to kick start their life change especially if they have a lot of weight to lose. HOWEVER, if this fast weight loss is not accompanied with behavior coaching and life change, then that person may gain the weight back and suffer with depression and anxiety about the "regained" weight.

In the challenge, we encouraged individuals to increase water intake, get two fruits and three veggies a day, take stairs over elevators when able, and have an attitude of gratidude every day. This resulted in an average weight loss of 8lbs per person... in six weeks. We were pumped. Psychologically, if you tell me that in my diet I am NOT allowed to eat peanut butter, what do you think I am going to crave more than anything. If I tell you that you can NOT eat CARBS, what do you think you are going to want? Instead, if you are encouraged to look at food as fuel and reward yourself for making good decision.

(portion control tip: TUPPERWARE)

One lady at work used to drink 4-5 sweet teas a day. I encouraged her to drink ONE a day and replace the rest with water.... SHE LOST 5 LBS in a week and a half. Not to mention, her blood sugar was probably within a much better range. Every Monday, I am going to try to present a new "behavior" change for individuals to work on. We can always improve. I believe that 100%. I am never going to be "perfect" at anything... My walk with God, my relationship with Clay, my health/wellness.... NEVER. Someone told me recently that she wakes up every morning and thinks to herself, "How can I be a better 'ME' than I was yesterday?" How true! Be "better" today than you were yesterday (nicer, eat better, more productive, less agitated, a better spouse.....etc.).  So that is your goal for this week: DRINK MORE WATER today than you did yesterday. Do not focus on "not" drinking coke, or "not" drinking sweet tea. If you focus on drinking MORE water, you will not have as much room for those other poisons drinks. 

(Pick healthy snacks!!!)

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