Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Save-day

Coupons.... Anyone ever heard of them? I have never taken the time to cut out coupons before, but today is the day I have entered "that girl" stage. I hope I am never in front of you in the grocery store, because I will be "that girl" that slows everyone down so I can use my coupons.
(this is my schnazzzzzy coupon folder)

Courtney and her hubby Shale came over for lunch after church. Court and I made spaghetti with ground turkey and low sodium marinara. The guys grilled fresh veggies that had been marinating in olive oil and yummy seasoning... THANKS COURT!!
(no, that is not my third cup of coffee today.... I swear.....)

Then, we sat and cut coupons!!! I was so excited. I should have taken a picture of my dining room table because it looked like the Sunday paper EXPLODED!!!

Now I am going to vacuum, bake cookies and prep dinner before family comes over tonight. I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!
(I am making a chocolate chip cookie bar...yum!)
(Ernest is scared of the vacuum cleaner....)

1 comment:

  1. I am totally a couponer too!

    I watched my dvr'd extreme couponing with my husband last night and he understood why I was jealous of areas that have double coupons (no doubles here in West Michigan.... booo)