Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacation Day 1

 Good morning! Today is the first day of my vacation. Clay and I are wrapping things up and about to head out the door. I had ever intention to run this morning, but my body was just telling me not to. I was exhausted from staying up so late last night. I get headaches if I do not get enough sleep and I have learned from experience that the rest of my day will be miserable if I do not abide by its law =) Plus, look how gross it looks right now. Right after I took the above picture, it started pouring!!!
Just an other day in the Sunshine State
So I enjoyed a cup of coffee instead. We have someone staying at our house while we are gone, so I feel like I need to make sure it is super clean before we leave...Clay does not quite understand this obsession, but I used to house sit for a couple who left the house is disarray and I felt uncomfortable... not just cluttered, I am talking exposed dry wall because mold was growing behind the wall. (It was before I met you A.K... DO not even think I am talking about you!!!). Plus, this is not just someone coming over.... This is someone using our shower and staying in our room! It is only polite to leave it tidy.... So the mound of laundry just had to go.

In other news, check this guy out I saw yesterday.... MOTORIZED bike.... and yes, that is a case of beer under his arm. Try pedaling the bike buddy.... 

Anyways, we are off!!!! Today's destination..... ATLANTA!!!! (Welcome to Atlanta, where the playas play.....) I have checked out the hotel gym online, so stay tuned.... Tomorrow morning we will have a treadmill workout posted.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Have fun on your vacation, I'm looking forward to seeing that treadmill workout tomorrow!!