Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Road Trips

I LOVE road trips. When I was growing up, I would follow along on at atlas as my parents would be driving. Usually, the atlas book would have a bingo style "check off" list for finding license plates from different states. My sisters and I would pretend we knew a special, secret language. We would try to sleep in the car, but usually we just chatted until all hours of the evening. I actually never got on a plane until I was 17 because we DROVE everywhere.

This morning, Clay and I left our place at 9:30am. It was a gloomy, rainy morning. We stopped by Chick Fil A and got breakfast. I enjoyed a chicken, egg, bagel with a fruit cup and Clay ate a burrito with tater tots. I do not think anyone should eat fast food on a regular basis, but I also believe in balance and I enjoyed this splurge on the first day of my vacation.

We caught up and chatted about life. We sang Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and random broadway musicals that came on Pandora.... I laugh so hard when I am with Clay... LOVE HIM. At about 12:30pm we made it to Valdosta. I bought a few mindless magazines to increase my education on gossip and fashion... and Clay bought a Tide pen to get the salsa out of his pants that dripped out of the burrito.
Through this experience, I learned that my flare jeans and wide leg trousers are now back in style (thank goodness... It does not matter how much I run... Skinny Jeans are just not for me). Also, Lindsay Lohan is  dropping her last name officially... after she appears in court for shoplifting a $2500 necklace. Lauren Conrad's "easy" style that was advertised in one of the magazines, would still cost more than my entire wardrobe.... can I find those at Target? Reese Witherspoon got remarried recently... her ring is worth 5 of my houses!!!!

We also stopped by Starbucks. My new favorite drink is a non-fat cafe misto.... (cafe con leche = coffee with skim milk). I usually drink my coffee black, but Starbucks is just a little strong for me... this is a good mixture. DELICIOUS.

I also broke out my new wedges that I purchased last night. They were comfy AND I was able to slip them on and off in the car. Totally bought them at Rack Room Shoes =)

Road Trip Treasures:
Has anyone ever stopped at any of these places???

We saw SEVEN of these signs.... disturbing:

Does anyone else get nervous driving next to (or behind) these things????

We made it to Atlanta safely. We are staying at a super nice hotel that I will blog about later. We went out for a nice dinner, went shopping, and we are now back at the room enjoying cable.... a real treat for us since we barely get antenna channels at home =)

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play.... yes, we sang it.

Tomorrow's goal: Run on the treadmill before we get up to explore and have fun.... See you after the workout!!!

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  1. bethany- your blogs crack me up.1- thanks for the celeb update; I haven't been keeping up as well as I ususally do 2- don't be surprised if you see me walking around with those shoes soon, i love 'em! 3- I hate skinny jeans too! And Ryan thinks they're ugly on girls (thank goodness) 4- glad we're not the only couple that sings to Miley Cyrus too :) have a good vaca!