Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Challenge #2

WHEW! What an afternoon! I ran home from work, changed, then worked out with my friend Rebekah. Here is our routine:
- 10 minute warm up on the treadmill
- Side lunges with a one leg tuck; both sides 15 reps.
- Single leg squats; 15 reps each leg
- Back row; 3 sets of 12-15
- Triceps pull downs; 3 sets of 12-15
- Leg lifts; 3 sets 25
- Bicep curls; 3 sets 12-15
- Hamstring curls; 3 sets 12-15
- Leg extensions; 3 sets 12-15
- Frog/plie squats... pulse for three then jump and tap your heels together... You feel like an idiot =)..3 sets of 10-15.
- Side planks
- Crunches

GREAT TOTAL BODY workout and cardio. We tried to keep moving the entire time.

When she left, I had a piece of pizza with a side of raw broccoli, chugged a diet coke and ran upstairs to take a test. After the test, I was so excited to be finished, I went to the mall to use an Ann Taylor LOFT gift card and bought a new pair of wedge heels for my trip... SUPER EXCITED... actually, if I was a good blogger, I would have taken a ton of pictures for you. I was so busy though, you will just have to see them later. I just finished packing and I have a few more things to do tomorrow morning before we take off. I am so pumped to get out of town.

You may have been doing Monday's Challenge from last week... if so, how did it go? I challenged you to drink more water. This week's challenge is to try to eat 4 fruits/veggies a day. Think about it, if you are trying to EAT food instead of AVOID food, your psychological approach is different. I promise it works. An employee at work told me today that he has lost 11 pounds without even trying to lose weight... He has just been trying to complete the healthy habits that my coworker and I have recommended. So try it this week AND add it to your water challenge you started last week.

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