Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Run

This morning I woke up and was running by 7:30 with my amazing friend BJ. She is such a solid runner and VERY encouraging. We ran 8 miles at a nice easy pace. I did not run or stretch much this week so I was very happy that this run was just comfortable and fun. I had some spare time this morning (before the run) so I decided to see how many pull ups I can do dork. I did 9! I have never been able to do that many in a row. I think the BodyRockTV workouts are helping... It is just body weight. I wore Mizuno shorts... which I love, and a dry fit C9 for Champion shirt from Target.

After the run, I went to the grocery store and bought these samples of protein shakes. I hate spending money on protein powder because our bodies respond better to real food... But sometimes, you just need the extra UMPH. Plus, I get tired of the same flavor ALL the time, so I am very excited about these.

My mom and sister came over for some post run grub and coffee. I love them so much and had a great time.... Should have snapped a picture.....

Well, it is off to the books for me. I have got to get some serious homework done today before vacation... I cannot wait until vacation next week. I am so excited about vacation next week...Did I mention I am going on vacation next week??? Have a good day!!! It is GORGEOUS here!!!!

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