Friday, April 1, 2011

Double Date Night

This afternoon I had a meeting at 1:30 that lasted until 3:45. I really do not like Friday afternoon meetings. How did I used to have the energy to play sports in other cities on a Friday night? I am exhausted and my brain is TOAST by Friday... Plus, waking up early to take an exam kind of wears you out by 8:00am. I ran out of work so that I could make my hair appointment on time. I LOVE getting my hair done. I go to a great girl in the Tampa area. Let me know if you are looking for someone and I will send you the info! Or, if you hate my hair, please keep your comments to yourself. Ignorance is bliss.

I love that they have coffee waiting for me as I come in... it is quite sad that I have a "coffee" reputation.
After work java
I enjoy some mindless reading as I sit under the dryer...
"reality" TV
Thankfully, she got rid of my mullet. I seriously feel like my hair grew so much faster this time around.
Finished Product
I hate taking pictures of myself. I feel like I fix my face and my hair, am pleased satisfied with what I look like in the mirror, and then FLASH.... my face looks so different... So this is what you get:

After the hair appointment we met our friends Kara and Jordan for some dinner at ChicFilA. Clay has a TON of coupons for a #1 at ChicFilA so we enjoy free meals every once in a while. However, I just cannot eat a #1. Something about the breading on the original chicken sandwich always gives me heartburn. I opted for a chicken wrap and ate ALL of my fries. I LOVE their fries. I have a long run tomorrow so I figured I could splurge (remember, I eat like a man when I run... this is really becoming a problem).

We attempted to go bowling, but there was a 40 minute wait lame. Thankfully, no one had their hearts set on bowling... well, actually, I think Clay really wanted to. (I will have to make it up to him and take him later. Maybe on our vacation!!!) However, we ended up having a really good time back at our place. We played BanannaGrams (sort of like Scrabble... but faster), drank coffee, ate a cookie/brownie (amazing), and enjoyed good conversations regarding the origin of Twitter and how to acquire a domain name.


This "Black Silk" is a very good coffee... and cheap!

This is what gets me out of bed at 3:00am to take a test.

This creamer is made with natural cream. It has sugar and some fat, but no artificial ingredients.... SCORE

These were so good... Not healthy, but a good splurge.

Real friends can come over when you have laundry EVERYWHERE.
We had a great time and I am thankful for our friends. Everyone needs a splurge night. Ignore laundry. Ignore grad school homework. Eat at a fast food restaurant and eat brownies. THAT my friends, is called balance. Tomorrow's agenda.... Run, visit with my sister, homework, hang out with hubby =)


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