Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Night with Friends xoxo

Tonight after work, Clay and I headed down to Hyde Park Village in South Tampa. What a lovely place. I love the shops, flowers, lamp posts, phone booths, and fountains. Here is a picture of my first trip down there with my roommates and friends in college:

Tonight we went to the Wine Exchange and enjoyed bread, fresh pizza, and yummy quesadillas.... check out how much cheese is in that thing. It had cheddar, feta, and a TON of veggies. The vegetables were not just onions; I am talking your cruciferous category... cauliflower and broccoli! Holy YUMMMMY.
Gina and her hubby Eric met us there. WHAT LOVELY PEOPLE. I have few friends that I feel like I can be 100% MYSELF, and she is definitely one of them. Check out her blog here. She is an amazing photographer. Classic. Romantic. Clean. Fresh. I just feel pretty and feminine looking at her pictures. Here is her photography site. We enjoyed chatting about blogging, networking, health, and fun ideas for the future. Thank you Gina for an amazing night!!!!

Healthy thought of the day: Some people that I have been working with have lost weight recently by taking the stairs whenever possible AND by eating a fruit or veggie of every color every day (red, orange, yellow....). It is the little choices we make that will result in big changes. Have a great evening. Hug your loved ones. Be present in each moment. Enjoy where you are at in life right now.


  1. i love that place & hyde park altogether!! anthropologie is my favorite though :)

  2. Such fun!! Thanks for a wonderful evening, my dear!