Friday, April 22, 2011


Holy cow, what a week. I am ashamed to say, that I have not run/worked out since Tuesday. I had to take my GRE this morning (it is an exam that most graduate schools want you to take before admission) and I sort of freaked out about it. Here is the problem.... standardized exams = my enemy. Another problem = technically not required for my program.... so my motivation to study for it was not that big. The program that I am in is a combination between a MPH (masters in public health), and Adult Nurse Practitioner degree/license, AND, an occupational health Nurse Practitioner license/degree (licensed to practice in the work place...workers' comp, injury on the job, acute flare ups....). It is sooooo interesting, but because it is between the college of nursing AND the college of public health, I have to make sure I satisfy both colleges' requirements. Public Health wants the GRE, Nursing did not require it.... so I just had to get it finished within the first semester.

IT IS OVER. Praise the LORD.

I came home and crashed. My brain was so fried, that I could not manage to do anything.... I could not even brew a pot of coffee....Clay almost called 911..... just kidding. Actually, he was very helpful. He took me out on the boat. He fished, I read and soaked up some rays.

I really do live in Florida... I promise. My pasty, white legs may not look like it, but that is called GRAD SCHOOL in Florida. 

I have an interesting workout to share, in honor of my cousin in law =) I am working on  posting it tomorrow. All you need.... BANDS. I got mine at Target for $1.00. Basically, this is going to be a quiet, home/class room workout =) Now, I am off to get some HALF OFF appetizers for dinner with my family.... Rock'n my new pink watch that Claybo's sister bought me for Christmas... Ok, not that new, but it still feels new every time I wear it. LOVE THIS THING.

Happy Good Friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.

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  1. Yesssssss can't wait! Also I can't believe you remembered my request amongst nightmare that is the GRE. Kind of embarrassed I asked at that time, although to be fair I didn't know that's what you were up to. TAKS isn't until Tuesday, take your time. :-)