Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arm Blast

Well, so far this week, I have been able to get enough sleep AND get my homework done. I have to be at work by 5:45 tomorrow morning, so this is going to be a short post (last night's post was a novel compared to my usual, but I hopped on my soapbox) because I need to get to work and then get to sleep!

Breakfast tip: Keep oatmeal at your desk and a jar of Simply Fruit (or some other "no sugar added, natural" preserves) in your department refrigerator. I brought chopped pecans and flaxseed in a small tupperware container. Add the oats, then add hot water. I add the preserves last... but that is not required. Just throw it all in there! That is how I cook; genius.

Work was kinda crazy and busy, but I love what I do and I love who I work with, so I cannot complain. I am just tired. Thankfully, I had someone to meet for a workout this afternoon. I sort of have codependency issues when it involves hitting the gym after work.... going for a run, not a problem; but hitting the gym.... I need company. My friend Rebekah and I did biceps/triceps/abs. Most of these can be done in your living room too!!!
- Bicep curls
- Tricep pull downs (on a cable... but you could use bands at home)
- Bicycle crunches
(repeat three times)

- Hammer curls, bent 10 degrees at the waist (hold the weights up and down, instead of sideways...bend at the waist; it makes your muscles do more work)
- Dips on the bench
- Regular crunches
(repeat three times)

- Bicep curls with a cable (you could use a bar)
- Tricep extensions
- Side plank dips (each side)
(repeat three times)

It was a great workout, and definitely gave my knee a break. That elliptical workout last night made my knee feel funny. No elliptical workout is worth hurting my runs, so I am laying off of that one for a while. 

For dinner, Clay and I grilled chicken. Clay puts olive oil and a seasoning by Weber, Kick'n Chicken...AHHHMAZING. I made wheat pasta and regular pasta, and steamed broccoli. Quite delish.

Ernest ate oak pollen and tried to drink lemonade.....

I made myself finish my water bottle after the workout... I have a hard time finishing water in the evenings. I do not know why. I just get focused on work and school and I skip finishing my water after my workout....HYDRATION is important!

Dinner is served =) I am studying and spending time with my hubby tonight. I hope to get a run in tomorrow. After reading SkinnyRunner's stories about her Boston Marathon experiences, I have "run envy" and want to get a good one in. Have a good evening!!!!


  1. How did you make your brocolli? It looks like there's something mixed in it, looks good!

  2. lol... um, cheddar cheese. That is why my portion is small. I have to make it so the hubby will eat it =)