Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dirty Race

Well helllloooooo weekend. Did you get to sleep in? I woke up WISHING I was able to sleep in this morning, but it just was not meant to be. Someone sponsored me to run in a 5k this morning, so I got up and hit the trails. I usually do not pay for 5k races because the money just adds up so quickly.... AND Clay says that I have enough medals from 5ks. He will only allow me to pay for medals for longer distances now =) This race was for a great cause.... Epilepsy Services Foundation. It was called the Hare Racing Experience. People dressed up with bunny ears and Easter "attire." It was hosted at the University of South Florida (GO BULLS!!!) soccer and track fields, so the facilities were top notch. Seriously, they built this thing after I graduated, and it is ahhhhmazing.

Unfortunately, we did not get to run on that fabulous looking track. Instead, we ran the cross country course. Um, running in dirt is a lot different. I was hoping to PR this race since I hardly run 5k races.... but, there was no official start, there were no time chips, and I was starving by the time the race started (8:30am.... I have usually eaten TWICE by that time).... I got so hungry, I had to use my emergency GU gel that I stashed in my sports bra...I tend to get hypoglycemic, so I ALWAYS run with GU....Embarrassing though that I had to break it out for a 5k. I ran it in 24:04, according to the clock that was ticking as soon as they started. I am just happy that I ran sub 8 minute miles. I have been working really hard to speed up lately, and I can tell it is paying off. My socks were dirty. My shoes were filled with forest. My foot aches (uneven trail AND I need new shoes). Oh, AND, you had to self report your score when you crossed the finish line. There were cards for you to fill out with your time. I would not recommend this run if you are trying to be super serious and PR, but it was for a great cause, I represented my job, AND I met this amazing new friend. We just started chatting before the race, and before you knew it, we were praying together at the end and wishing each other a Happy Easter. I was so blessed by her. 

No medals were given, but check out the flyer on my car:

Nude 5K anyone????? Seriously, disturbing.

Yes, that is windex in the back.... I clean my car at traffic stops
So, looking a little rough, I went to WalMart and Publix to knock out some groceries. Of course, I see someone I know. Thankfully, he just finished biking so my stench was not too repulsive. Ok, off to get some homework and laundry done. Stay tuned for a band workout.... GO BUY WORK OUT BANDS. Seriously. DO it. 


  1. so glad to know i'm not the only one who cleans my car at traffic stops :) i wish i could get into running like you!

  2. ohhh girl, you SO fast :) i don't know how i'd feel about that terrain. great job!
    glad you had a good time! i love meeting new people that i form an instant bond with!