Saturday, April 16, 2011

Farmville Run

This morning's run was on a trail near my house with my mentor/idol/celebrity friend BJ. We ran our marathon together in 2009. We biked across FL together last October, then we RAN across FL last November. Seriously, she has seen me at my worst...and for some reason, she still wants to hang out with ME.
Bike Across FL

She hosted one of my wedding showers

We ran a marathon together with her FABULOUS daughter, Carly!
We met this morning at 7:30am and ran 8 miles. We ran the first 3.5 miles together, but her wicked trainer Vicki, KILLED her legs this week, so BJ sent me on my way. We have a pact.... If someone is slowing down, you can send the other runner along with no hard feelings. NO GUILT. NO EMOTIONS. JUST RUN. During the run, this girl ran past us and, seriously, I thought the girl was about to pass out. Someone needs to feed this girl a cookie because her emaciated body just might not survive another mile. Once BJ and I split up, my goal was to hunt this girl down and make sure she was not lying on the side of the trail. Well, the good Samaritan that I am, found her. She was still pushing and probably running an 8:00 mile pace. I saw her from a distance, chugged a GU gel and waited. I do not know about you, but when I take a GU, I can feel the caffeine and the sugar rush through my muscles. Once I felt like my blood sugar was where it needed to be, I charged. I passed her, ran up a hill (which, in FL, means an overpass that goes over a highway) and ended my run. The total run took me about 1hr and 12 minutes. The second half of the run I kept between an 8:00 - 7:20 mile pace. I was tired afterwards, but it was a great run. BJ made it through and she will probably adjust her leg workout days with the crazy trainer Vicki =) LOVE YOU VICKI !

During this run, I saw four chickens, two bunnies, and two squirrels. It was odd. The chickens were running across the trail ("why did the chicken cross the road....") and a squirrel tried to run out in front of me and stop....I am telling you, the animals were out to get us! I love this trail though, because there are bridges, trees, and lots of things to distract me. Just beautiful!

When I got home, I made myself a smoothie and actually used a measuring cup so that I could share my recipe:
1 cup almond milk
2 handfuls of spinach
1 packet of strawberry protein mix (probably like one scoop if you have a tub of mix)
1 tsp of cocoa
1 cup of frozen berries
2 tsp of splenda (I know, I know... but I am out of honey AND I do not use it often).

My only complaint is that the seeds in the blackberries got annoying. I think I am going to try to just get frozen strawberries... plus, blueberries in your teeth....just not my look. Have a great Saturday. I am hitting the books for the rest of the day. 


  1. Bethany, you always make me sound so much better than I actually am! Some runs are a tribute to running, you hit on all cylinders, you rock the run. Some runs are a tribute to friendship. She helps you rock the you were a beautiful finish line for me! I could say the same for you, you have seen me at my worst, when I done moderatley well, and you have encouraged me every single step, pedal stroke, midnight run and GU chug through so many years. I'd be on the couch without you! I love you, and Thank my GOD in every rememberance of you!

  2. ...and I have that same insulated drinking cup!

  3. Holy cow you guys biked AND ran across Florida?! That's so cool!!

  4. Love to find your blog! Thanks for the comments :)

    I love putting frozen strawberries in my smoothies. Costco and GFS (Do you have those in Florida?) have the best frozen strawberries.