Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday

Yesterday afternoon was as close to the perfect Sunday afternoon as I can get right now. Unfortunately, I just stay in a constant state of "homework" so that will not go away. BUT, since I worked so hard on Saturday, after church, Clay and I came home and took a nap.... I was not able to sleep as long as Clay, so I got up and worked on homework, but it was a nice afternoon, nonetheless.

We went over to Clay's parents' house and had a picnic on their dock. What a beautiful evening!
Spinach, romaine, balsamic vinaigrette, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers

Perfect weather, perfect view!


Cup O' salad
Today is Marathon Monday. TENS of thousands of people are waking up this morning to run the Boston Marathon. What an accomplishment. Sometimes, I hope to be there one day; other days, I simply just want to finish grad school and keep this odd balance of life that I currently have work/school/God/exercise/family.... Did you know that women were not able to enter the Boston Marathon until 1972? During the Korean war, the president of the marathon association did not allow Koreans to enter; his opinion was that if Americans were over there fighting and dying, the Koreans needed to be fighting as well, not training for a marathon.... Click here for more interesting facts.

Training for a marathon takes a lot of work, tears, and TIME. I ran one in 2009, but at that time, I was not working a "real" job; I was just finishing nursing school. Time is so precious and limited... However, within the next two weeks, I find out if my name gets "pulled out of the hat" for the NYC Marathon this year. That may have to be reevaluated based on my schedule. Do you think I could hire someone to keep me on schedule with my grad school homework, job, and housework??? Like a personal assistant =)

Anyways, Happy Monday my friends.  Another week is here. Be healthier today than you were yesterday. It is a new day; it is a new week. Write that thank you card to someone; call and encourage a friend that is stressed. Trust me, it makes you feel a little less stressed.

Challenge: Go for a walk or run today in honor of Marathon Monday =)


  1. I'm for hire on the marathon training! Actually I'll be training for IMFL which I believe is the same day as NYC marathon so long runs will be a regular part of my training.
    I see you went to USF ...go Bulls! I graduated from there a million years ago ...1995. Coincidently, when I was doing personal training, my studio was near USF, and I used to train the dean of nursing. Real nice lady!

  2. They were probably done with the marathon, fed, and showered by the time i woke up at 8am. Im glad i was in bed :) Here's hoping ALL our names get pulled for NYC!!! That would be amazing! We could relive 2009 Gasparilla all over again!!

    Hope you have a fabulous week sweet girl!

  3. KC - That is so cool. Small world isn't it? Yes, she is a very nice lady. Love your blog. Maybe some blogger long runs are in our future =) Have a good day!

    Carly- We will rock it. Maybe next year we can work on qualifying =) Then we do not have to worry about this darn lotto! Have a good week. xoxo