Monday, January 17, 2011

THAT type of day....

Hello all, and happy MLK Day. What a great man. I love how there are such strong, influential historical figures, whom we all respect, but probably would have been hesitant to follow in the MOMENT. We are so often influenced by the popular vote... Not to raise controversial issues on my insignificant blog, but my point is that we choose what is easy... because it is EASY! Our friends (I am pretty sure we cling to those that we LIKE to be around and love those that are EASY to love), our health (it is EASY to sit at home and not head to the gym; it is EASY to make that pop-tart), and our jobs (not that everyone has to be a CEO, but we would be much more efficient and honest to our employers if we actually put in an honest 8+ hours at work).

Today is one of those HARD days. I woke up at 3:40AM and got to work by 5:15. Today we launched our NEW YEAR WELLNESS challenge. My hope is to just help a handful of people completely change the way they view health and wellness. Needless to say, I am on my third cup of coffee. I am making myself go for a run (I have been procrastinating and putting it off... which means I may not be running my half marathon in March) and then I must do some homework (cheers to grad school).

This is one of those days that I feel like my job has taken all of my energy (but I love my job and cannot imagine doing anything else.... I am just TIRED!!!) and I must make those hard decisions to stay faithful and responsible to the responsibilities set before me.

Have a great evening. I will hopefully be asleep by 8:00pm =)

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