Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yoga Day 4

Did you know that a 20oz. Pepsi has enough sugar to fill 17 sugar packets? Would you take that many sugar packets, pour them into a glass of water and drink it? I think not! Sugar actually increases the acidity of your body, increasing fatigue. Next time you grab a Coke or Pepsi because you want a little "pick me up," think again; that decision will come back to haunt you via an energy crash.

P90X was good tonight. I really wish work/schedule was allowing me to work out in the morning this week. I do not like working out in the evenings. The yoga video is great. I have never done yoga until this. I find it challenging enough that I can count it as a work out; however, I also feel stretched and relaxed afterwards. The worst part was the pressure on the wrist. My wrists were quite tired/sore. I wonder if that is something that get stronger; I have been doing push ups for along time and it is inevitable that my wrists will be sore the next day. Goal for tomorrow is to exercise BEFORE work. Let us see just how that works out.

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  1. WOW... 17 packets!!! That's disgusting. Hence I hardly ever drink soda. Good additional deterrent though. I like the blog! :)