Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wellness = Lifestyle

I have taken a new position at the hospital I work at; I am now the Wellness Educator. From trauma ICU to wellness there are quite a few differences; especially funding. Trauma ICU is in the spotlight. Wellness is not. However, if our hospital would invest in the wellness of our employees, the cost of health insurance each year would be decreased drastically. In my other post regarding overweight nurses (here), I discussed the irony of the unhealthy healthcare professional. I never thought this would be my future career this quickly. So my health thought for today is, "A healthy lifestyle is an investment." Sure, health food may be more expensive, but in forty years when you are dependent on beta-blockers, anti-diabetic medications, and Plavix, you may regret not spending a little more on salad.

Healthfully Yours,

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