Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fit at Home

My husband is not a gym rat. His idea of exercise involves golf, frisbee, or dodgeball. He used to cycle with me while we were dating but the novelty of it expired. Consequently, placing a gym membership in our budget was not an option. I began going to the gym (YMCA or LIFESTYLES) when I was in 9th grade. A teacher from my highschool picked me up every morning a 4:45 to take me. That is when I became addicted to the gym. My sister states that it looks like "a bunch of gerbils running around on their stationary toys," but I love the community and health accountability that develops. Consequently, I have had to start working out at home. IT IS POSSIBLE! I record a few shows on FitTV (Cardioblast is my favorite), I use a Jillian Michaels Cardio DVD or P90X episodes. Also, sometimes I just put on a movie and do an arm circuit. For example, an arm workout for me would be pushups, tricep dips on my coffee table, arm raises for shoulders, and dumbell curls for my biceps. I have 15lb, 10lb, and 5lb weights. For a leg work out, my dog loves following me across the living room as I attempt to do lunges back and forth. For cardio, I will run with the dog or by myself. I HATE TREADMILLS so I have to go outdoors. Discipline is the hardest part. I can think of 20 twenty other things I "should" be doing around the house when I am working out. However, prioritizing my health now will increase my quality of life later.

I place the weights in a faux suede stool with a lid and place it in the corner; easy to access and yet, not obnoxious or tacky.

Get going! Love B.


  1. Hi, "B"!
    I wish I had your ambition... I used to be crazy in shape even 10 years ago, but have since gained weight from stress, namely stressful relationships. Blah!
    I really do want to get back into shape, but I always manage to find the other things that I could/should be doing and opt for those instead! I really just need someone to get on my butt and get me going... Hopefully your posts will give me the ambition I need! :-)

  2. Hi Sandi! Thanks for visiting the blog and thank you for your kind words. I hope I an be of some help/encouragement. Please let me know if there is anything specific I can research for you; I LOVE THAT =) Have a great day!