Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday = Leg Day

Good morning! I am up at 4 am and ready for the day. I wanted to share a little bit about how I streamline meals for the week so that I do not have to do as much in the morning.... more time for coffee and blogging when I wake up =) Today is leg day at the gym, so I needed extra time to drink my coffee and eat my snack..... snack and ibuprofen because Vicki is going to tear me up today.
MASSIVE lunch box
 First, I have my amazing lunch box... it has my work logo on it, so I covered it up. It acts as a cooler and it holds EVERYTHING.
 Next, I use multiple little things of Tupperware. I used to keep a thing of peanut butter at my desk, but I would go through way too much peanut butter, way too fast.... it is really embarrassing, so I will not tell you how fast, or how much.... but I have portion control issues with PB so I put my serving in my lunch box and I am done with it =) I have oats and flax seed next to it.... I will add hot water, cinnamon, honey, and pb later on this morning for snack/bigger breakfast. I made chicken on Sunday and have used it for the last few lunches/dinners. I sliced a tomato and through it all over romaine. I do not use dressing, so I will just eat it like that.... mostly because I am lazy and I refuse to pay for dressing. My mom makes her own, but I am still working on that.
Fast, inexpensive, and yummy!!!
I LOVE my toaster oven!
When I made the chicken the other night, I used Publix chicken breast tenderloins.... on sale! I placed them in aluminum foil on a pan, sliced onions, sprinkled garlic powder and salt free creole seasoning on it, and baked it in the toaster oven at 350 for 30 minutes.

 Sorry it is blurry. I really like cooking in bulk because it makes throwing lunch together super easy.Well, this nurse has to head out the door. Have a great day!!!!

P.S. Any runners out there? Tell me your running plan/goals/stories!!! I am grounded to do homework tonight AND my Garmin 405 just came in the mail!!! It is torture. I am saving it for tomorrow night.... I need extra motivation because I have taken a few weeks off from running and I know I am going to be frustrated that I will feel awful after the first minute.... just kidding.... Hopefully it will not be that bad =) xoxo


  1. Making salad dressing is super easy and tastes so much better. I rarely buy dressing anymore (unless it's that expensive one from Whole Foods) I'll show you how the next time you are over. This is you SIL Ashley BTW

  2. Hey there! I am on the hunt for a Garmin Forerunner and trying to decide between the 405CX and the 305. Would love to hear what you think about yours!