Monday, May 9, 2011

It's a new day

Oh, Monday. How I have not missed you. However, I did have an extra "pep in my step" this morning just knowing that I do not have homework this evening. Yesterday was probably the most relaxing day I have had in a long time. Claybo and I went to church, my parents went to their church, and we all met at our place afterward. We ate Cuban sandwiches and then hit the pool. The great thing about owning a townhouse is NO YARD WORK and a PERFECTLY KEPT POOL that yours truly does not have to take care of. SCORE. My sister Dianna and her hubby Nathan came over as well... she brought an Edible Arrangement for my mom, so we all munched as we swam and soaked up some rays.

The boys took off on Clay's boat and the rest of us sat on my back porch, drank lemonade, and stalked this HUGE cat. 29 lbs...I asked. The owner was quite proud. I decided not to go off on him with a lecture about animal abuse....he does, after all, life next door.

We went out for yummy Mexican food, frozen yogurt, and ended up back on our back porch. So relaxing. Such a great mom. She is the most unselfish person I know, and I hope I will be like her when I reach mommy stage....MANY MANY YEARS. Stop asking. Cheers to you mom!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Healthy Topic: What are your goals this week? Care to post? Read a book? Run a certain mileage this week? I have been studying about the psychology of setting goals....nerdy because that was not in school, that was my "free time."


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME weekend! I can't wait for warm weather and our pool (in our condo). Yay for no homework tonight :-)

    My goal this week is to start triathlon training and complete a couple "brick" (bike and run) workouts.

  2. YAY, good! Brick runs are a sick, twisted sort of way. I have done them before. Actually, if I reverse them (run, then bike) I decrease my post run pain and I never get shin splints! Rock it girl!!!

  3. I'm super sick of people asking about when we're having kids too! I always say 5 years even though 2 of my 5 years are already up :)