Friday, April 8, 2011

HIlls Hills Hills !!!!

We got into Knoxville yesterday around lunch time and met up with Clay's aunt and uncle. We jumped right into the wedding festivities. We had a lot of prep work to do for a bridal luncheon that was this morning (Saturday) AND we had bows to tie onto programs. Clay and I are staying in their basement which is nicer than our hotel! I feel like I am at a cottage in the woods. This morning, we got up, drank coffee, and went our separate ways... Clay went fishing, I went running!!! This was not a long run though.... HOLY HILLS. I have never run in hills like this before, so it was a great workout. I did three miles and kept about a 9:00 minute pace.
This really is looking down... The picture does not do it justice.

So pretty!!!!

The road just disappears.....
The tricky thing about hills seems to be going down. I know more people get injured going down hill than up hill... that is because we hesitate and hold back, creating a jarring of the knees when we hit the ground. This, is of course what I am thinking about as I am running, which makes it worse. I will see how I am feeling tomorrow, but I may just get on their elliptical, OR, find a nearby neighborhood without as many hills =) Well, time to hit the books. I have an online test tomorrow, so I need to get some studying in.

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