Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Healthy on a Budget

I hit the treadmill this morning at 5:00am again (to burn off Neiman Marcus Cookies) and did 4 miles. I made myself stop and stretch before I went home... Sitting at a desk all day will TEAR ME UP if I do not take time to stretch. Plus, tonight I work late, AND I have homework to do when I get home, so I had to take advantage of what I had.

No post last night because I got distracted with this dude:

And this dude:
Future Blogger my friends
I had a great time with Ruthy and Liam last night. Best friend ever....and an amazing mommy. I have an amazing CHICKEN recipe from last night. It was amazing. There was a port wine, mushroom sauce on it that I SWEAR I COULD HAVE LICKED OUT OF THE BOWL. I will get it for you. It came from a Weight Watchers cookbook.

For the last few weeks, I have not been able to stop thinking about our government and society and the direction that it is going...or seems to be going. I do not know a lot about politics, and I certainly do not know everything about industry/business, but people at work keep talking about "issues" so I keep brainstorming about how I would run our country/state if I were in leadership (God, help us all). One of the biggest issues I daydream about is WHY A FAMILY OF 5 CAN EAT A BURGER KING CHEAPER THAN BUYING FRESH PRODUCE AND HEALTHY MEAT FROM THE SUPERMARKET.This truly is heartbreaking and I am determined to educate my patients and fellow employees regarding this topic. 

Here are a few tips:

  • First and foremost, it may look like a "cheaper" option now, but, like I have said before, your blood pressure medications that you will end up on will be much more expensive than that $.99 burger... Choose health!
  • Eat less meat: A bag of brown rice + bag/can of beans = super cheap AND together, they create a complete protein. You can season them however you want AND add peppers/onions. They can be placed in a crock pot with chicken broth and cook while you are gone for the day.... EASY! Purchasing a better cut of meat, and just eating less of it, will serve you better in the long run.
  • Buy LOCAL: produce gets tricky. We are not accustomed to having to buy only what is in season because we can buy whatever our heart desires at the grocery store. I promise you, if you go to a farmer's market, or even your own grocer, and buy what is in season, it will be cheaper.
  • FROZEN = AWESOME: Berries are usually pretty expensive, but you can buy them FROZEN and usually you can buy them in BULK. This is great for smoothies, oatmeal, toppings, and munching. 
  • PERIMETER shopping: If you stick to the perimeter of the grocery store, you will hit the produce, seafood, deli, meat, bakery (yes, bakery.... fresh bread/treats are better for you than the stuff sitting on a shelf more months).... and avoid the processed poison crap options in the middle. 
  • PASTA: Usually, whatever I make for myself, I try to pair it with spinach or some other green. As long as I make a side of pasta for the hubby, he is satisfied. Unfortunately, pasta got a bad reputation back when Mr. Atkins was in the spotlight. But the truth is, the GLYCEMIC INDEX of pasta is lower than bread! Meaning, your blood sugar does not spike as much with pasta as it does bread. Why? LESS PROCESSING. Obviously, if you have diabetes, you have other things to consider, but this is just a general overview.
  • Shop the sales: Sometimes, if you focus too much on coupons, you end up buying poor options just because they are cheap. Do not give in! Shop the sales of the store. Take advantage of the healthy BOGO deals. For example, these canned tomatoes were bogo last week. I bought the one without added salt, and they were amazing in my shrimp dish the other night. I was going to buy tomatoes anyways, so I did not spend extra money.
  • Bag the bags: You spend more money for the foods that are bagged/chopped for you. Opt for the whole cauliflower or broccoli stalk. Cut it yourself. I promise, you will do great. We are so codependent on pre-packaging... but you pay for that! Make your own "100 Calorie Packs" by bagging your own almonds, dried fruit, crackers, or snack. 

I hope this helps a little. I just cannot stand when people say that eating healthy is "expensive" but stop at fast food places, get Starbucks multiple times a week, and purchase CRAP like potato chips, oreos, and juicy juice....and think that is a better choice. Those things ONCE IN A WHILE are fine, but do not tell me you cannot afford a salad every once in a while... YOU are CHOOSING to not eat salad. I am not saying shop all organic and go to those super pricey HEALTHY STORES.... just make smart choices with the money that you have.... Trust me.... You can eat healthy on a budget. 

Thoughts, opinions? PLEASE SHARE!!!


  1. apparently you & i were on the same wavelength this morning!!!! haha, check out my post.

    to avoid a soapbox moment in your comments area, i'll just say that if you spend now on foods that are healthy and have nutritional benefits, you'll save later on doctor bills.

  2. I agree so much with this!!! (and it is so easy to soapbox) I really believe that if you pack your own lunch, you will be 10x healthier than if you buy a lunch. (portion control, fresh ingredients, etc.) And packing saves so much more money than buying every day. LOVE rice and beans. There is a reason third-world countries have survived on them (though I do recognize they are not exactly "healthy").

  3. As a poor ol' college student this is really encouraging! It is SOO easy for me to just want to buy frozen chicken tenders and mac n cheese, but I feel like garbage if I eat that stuff for even a couple of days! Buying veggies and experimenting in the kitchen as well freezing fruit for smoothies has kept me away from Ramen (and so has my magic bullet, SO handy!). I'm going to try avoiding the center aisle next grocery trip :)

    Bethany what are your favorite pre/post cardio meals or shakes?

  4. College was so hard in that area! I totally understand. I looked to other bloggers/websites for tips and guidance and found them helpful. My favorite shakes are with a whey protein powder (vanilla), almond milk, frozen berries, spinach, splenda, and a hint of cocoa.... I like my consistency thick, so I usually just play around with the amounts until I get what I want... I will work on getting exact measurements for ya... I AM SO BAD ABOUT MEASURING. I just dump stuff in the blender =) Have a great day!!!