Friday, April 15, 2011


Last night was "golf night." I have mentioned before that I am trying to take up golf because it gives me something to do with Clay. Maybe he will start running with me??? Highly doubtful, but I am really enjoying this experience. I was VERY nervous last night because our partners that we usually play with did not come so we got paired with strangers.... My goal was to speed to the hole and tee off before they got there. I WAS SO NERVOUS. I had not swung my clubs in three weeks and that could be like starting over for me! Thankfully, I think the break was GOOD for me. I played well I kept up with the guys and had a great time. The great part... If I completely botch the hole, I can just pick up my ball and drop where Clay is... No one cares and it is very low pressure. Most of the pressure that I feel is placed on myself BY MYSELF. Isn't that how life is? We always worry about something and really, we never need to. Worrying does not add anything to our life, experiences, or situation. If something is intimidating, that is usually a good sign that we will GROW from accomplishing that task. Not to say that I am growing into a better person because of golf, but in general, this YEAR has been full of circumstances that I have had to "man up" and face a situation with courage, so this topic is fresh on my mind. 

Yesterday at work I felt awful before golf. I NEED CARBS and if I do not eat enough carbs, I feel terrible. After a bowl of oatmeal and this guy:

... I felt like a new woman. I grabbed it at the Starbucks by my office....IMPRESSIVE. I had never had one before, but I loved it. Because of the nuts in it, I actually felt satisfied after a bar... Trust me, my man hunger makes sure this never happens. Speaking of bars, these are an inexpensive alternative too:
When looking for a snack bar, READ THE LABEL. I am sorry, but sometimes we just shoot ourselves in the foot when we think a 90 calorie bar is going to satisfy our hunger AND there is nothing "real" in the ingredients. LOVE NATURE VALLEY though. CONGRATS on making it to FRIDAY my friends. What are your plans? Are you running at all? I have family dinner tonight, and my mother in law is a fabulous cook. I will post pics later, but it will be late because I am soaking in my Friday night. Off to work for me !!!!!

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  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the KIND bars!!!! oh my word, i had found them at a whole foods store & then discovered starbucks carries them as well ~ they're pretty amazing.
    happy friday!!!! i'm so ready to get my weekend on :)