Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 2

This morning, yes I woke up early and began my week with P90X. I did the chest & back video and then finished with the "Ab Ripper X" video. I still do not have a pull up bar, but I like my resistance bands. They are gracefully draped over my coat closet as one enters the house; very welcoming. My wrists did not hurt today like they did last week. The video consisted of quite a few varieties of pushups. I focused on form not quantity; meaning, the harder style push ups, like military and diamond, were too difficult for me to do today. I stayed on my knees, completed the workout with the group, and felt the burn... No wrist pain though! Tomorrow morning is the dreaded plyometric workout. At least that one is not on a Monday =)

Healthy thought for today: Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer today. Did you know that it does not develop from CONTINUED exposure to the sun like squamous cell? Basically, those family vacations I took as a child, and weeks of summer camp, in which I did not wear sunscreen, may actually be the cause of basal cell carcinoma later in life for me. Most doctors recommend SPF 15 daily and SPF 30 if you are going to be in sun for longer than 20 minutes. Did you know that a T-shirt only offers SPF 7??? Also, there is a thought that kids are OVERPROTECTED now and have vitamin D defficiencies because they rarely drink whole milk and they wear too much sunscreen. HELLO people, this is because they never run around and play outside and you let them play videos all day long while eating oatmeal cream pies.... no citation of that though; that was me. Have a good evening.

Healthfully yours,


*Picture from Savanna, GA.

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