Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nutrition is Key

Friendly's, a diner-like restaurant that I used to go to as a child, has created this new "meal." Here are the nutrition facts: 1500 Calories, 870 Fat Calories, 79g Total Fat, 38g Saturated Fat, 180g Cholesterol, 2090mg Sodium, 101g Carbs ( Frankly, I do not believe this should be legal. This goes beyond the popular argument that "healthy food is more expensive." Even though I disagree, I understand that people who do not know how to shop for healthy things may think it is more expensive. However, this is gluttony at its PRIME! No one needs this many calories at one meal. No ones NEEDS this much cheese or sodium in one day. When the human body has too much sodium (you only need 1500 mg per day), the body holds onto water. When the body retains too much water, hypervolemia, the heart has to work harder to pump the extra volume. HELLO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Unfortunately, we get so "salt shaker happy" and bring this "silent killer" onto ourselves. You see, there are no signs of high blood pressure (unless you spike quickly); it is a gradual process that injures your kidneys and weakens your heart while you shove burgers in your face. Drink fluids, eat fruits and vegetables, do not eat packaged/frozen dinners, and do not add salt to anything you eat. Focus on getting the most nutrients per bite; food is fuel, not comfort/friends/love/deserved..... it is just food.

Today I did not do P90x. I am moving and must spend my evening packing; however, tomorrow I will get back on track. Have a good evening....


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