Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Time

Good Morning!
Over the weekend I decided that I was going to start blogging again because I like to get my thoughts out and share what I am learning with others. This semester I have class on Tuesdays, so my goal is to just blog on Tuesdays.

Is anyone out for summer? I am always jealous of everyone getting out of school this time of year. Those were the good 'ole days. Now, my semesters are shorter, my weekends are busier, and guess what, I still have a job that I am responsible for, dishes and clothes to be washed, and a house that seems to get dirtier as it gets hotter.

It is important that if you have goals (school, health, relationships...etc) that you make sure you plan around those goals this time of year. We tend to says YES to every opportunity to socialize and spend time with friends or family but unlike our childhood years, responsibilities do not stop once June comes around.

Here are some tips that someone shared with me and I will be implementing in my life as I balance two classes and a full time job this summer:
- Get a planner (weather on your phone, computer, or in a notebook, GET ONE)
- Write out the tasks you need to do to accomplish your goals (study? precook food? walk? go to the gym?)
- Write out the essentials (kids? laundry? dishes?)
- PENCIL is key. Now pencil in some things that you might want to do but you know it just might not happen.

Now, somewhere in your planner (I write mine in the side bar) write out your priorities in order of importance. There may be seasons that your schooling or health come before your friends.... THAT IS OK. People who mind do not matter and people who matter do not mind..... SERIOUSLY. Every decision should be made based on that priority list. 

- Does that party get your closer to your goals of graduating?
- Does that pot luck get you closer to decreasing your blood pressure and organizing your house?
- Should you take your kids to the park or should you volunteer at that community event?
- Do you need to spend time praying before your day starts instead of going to the gym?

Ask yourself these questions. Be black and white about it. This system was shared with me a few weeks ago and it has really helped me with my schedule and responsibilities. 

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!

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