Friday, May 6, 2011

Post Final

Finals are over! Seriously, what a relief. I have managed to get a few strength training workouts in this week, but no running. I am contemplating my run for tomorrow, but it will be the first day in WEEKS that I am able to sleep in without an alarm so I am going to take advantage.... which pretty much means I will wake up at 7:30am because I am cool like that.

Last week, I was given the opportunity to go out to dinner at Berns Steak House in Tampa with my family. Claybo's grandma turned 85, so his parents treated her (and all of us) to dinner at this renown restaurant. WHAT A TREAT. I have seen the wine cellar on the food network before, and we were able to take a tour. There were bottles of wine in there that were worth $40,000.... seriously? We took a tour of the kitchen and enjoyed dinner and the desert room... yes, they take you to a separate room for dessert. MY DREAM.

I ordered swordfish.... not ok to eat if you are pregnant... lucky for me, that is not a problem.

French onion soup... decent. I cannot eat that much cheese. My thighs appreciate it though.

Claybo's DelMonico steak

FABULOUS salad. All organic veggies from their garden!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate... seriously, that is the name.

Mississippi Mud Pie 
The whole gang =) ~ Claybo's side of the family

King Midas... carrot cake with macadamia  nut ice cream... holy cellulite. Amazing.

I am ready to get back to my running/blogging schedule. It is funny how we find "outlets" for our brains to take a break. Mine is fried. I hope everyone had a great week. I am posting a few workouts tomorrow. Stay tuned. Be safe. Work out. Be smart. "make good choices...." seriously, my parents said that when I would leave the house in high school.... Ok, signing off. Good night =)