Friday, May 20, 2011


Lately, there are two phrases that bother me.

"You are soooooo young....."

"You would understand if you had children....."

I do not tell you that you look "soooooo old....." (inappropriate) and I would certainly never say, "Well, stop complaining, you chose to have children......" (also, extremely inappropriate). So why do people feel like they can down play, or explain my feelings, experiences, and outlook on life? Claybo gets this as well..... We just look young I guess. Yep, we are 12 yrs old, have full time jobs, and pay bills. We are very mature middle schoolers. I think people  honestly just do not think about their responses sometimes. I do not take offense to it, but I wish we would all be a little more "present" in each conversation. Stop thinking about what your response is going to be and TRULY listen to one another's feelings. Also, try to give others the benefit of the doubt.... maybe they do not really mean to affend you, they are just not aware of how they sound. Stop assuming the world is out to get you. Fear does not come from God, and I think anxiety/worry/paranoia all stem from fear.....

This week has flown by and I am excited to get a workout in after work today. There has been no downtime for me this week.... I have had something to do every night after work (I did get a good leg workout with with my friend Rebekah on Monday, but that is about the extent of my gym visits). The semester has just started and my workouts have pretty much consisted of circuits in my living room while dinner was cooking, laundry was drying, or an online video for school was playing. I hope you have a good weekend. I am sooooooo ready!!!!


  1. oh girl, i'm totally "pickin' up what you're puttin' down"!! i had the rudest encounter 2 weekends ago with the grumpiest old man - all because he thought i was 16 & trying to sneak into our community pool. SERIOUSLY!?
    i'm sure when i'm like 40 or 50 i'll appreciate it...but right now, i just can't handle it.
    and naturally, my response is to be rude back :) clearly you are MUCH nicer than i.
    have a great friday, my 12 year old looking, hot nurse, friend!! :)

  2. I agree with this completely! I guess I look pretty young as well, but it never bothered me until I moved to a rural area in Georgia a few months ago! Now people say all the time to me that "Well, when you're older..."
    Come on! I'm married working woman. How old do I need to get before I understand all of these life mysteries!!!?

  3. I am certainly not discrediting what individuals learn from having children OR the wisdom we accumulate with age.... I just feel like I hear it a lot as an excuse to be unhealthy, or an excuse to be irresponsible.

    Have a good weekend Ladies!!!!!

  4. hahaha, this is really funny - and I totally know what you mean. I mean, seriously, do they think a 12 year old could do what you do?! Apparently! :) Have a great weekend - i am also soooooooo ready!!!

  5. There will come a day when someone says "No, you're not (insert age here)" will make you feel great!! This comes from someone who is the same height as she was in the 6th grade, weighs 6 pounds more now than she did 30 years ago, has freakishly curly hair and enjoys every single moment of hanging out with you girlie girls! Oh, how old am I? My secret...just keep guessing!!